What is the solution to fight the corona virus, you can make it

If a person’s immune system is good, the chances of getting the corona virus are gone. In view of this, ayurvedic boiling-Amritpay was distributed in front of the ST bus stand in Dahod Nagar in a joint venture with the District Ayurved Office and the Sanskar Social Group and the Ram Yatra Seva Samiti, Rajasthan Panchayat Bhavan Trust. Of which 1,200 people took advantage of this nectar.

Dahod District Ayurvedic Officer of Gujarat While giving more information on this, Rajinikanth Patel said that in Ayurveda there have been suggested effective ways to root out every disease. It is designed according to the principles of Ayurveda Ayurveda so as not to infect the corona virus.

This nectarpi not only protects the coroner virus but also protects the person from other diseases. These nectarines significantly increase a person’s immune system. In this Amritpay, mainly Guduchiyadi Quath, Dasmul Quath, Trikuta – Sunth, Pepper, Pepper have been used. 1,200 citizens have taken advantage of this nectar. The citizens welcome the initiative taken by Dahod, the office of the District Ayurveda officer.