Why journalist Dhaval Patel is being harassed by Rupani Government

Dilip Patel

Ahmedabad, 12 May 2020

Under section 124-A (sedition) of the Indian Penal Code and the Disaster Management Act, against Dhaval Patel, editor of Gujarati news portal Face of Nation, for uploading a news item by Ahmedabad Crime Branch on Friday, 7 May 2020. The charge has been booked for treason, stating that the BJP high command may remove Chief Minister Vijay Rupani from his post and replace him with Union Minister Mansukh Mandavia.

The brave journalist of Gujarat is only 32 years old, against whom the BJP Vijay Rupani government has registered the crime of sedition. Dhaval Patel is known in Ahmedabad for writing against the government without fear. He has exposed several scams of the BJP government and the authorities. He is always ready to fight where things go wrong. Even if the government does something wrong and does not have enough evidence, it often exposes such corrupt officials and leaders without fear. Shows great courage in writing the truth.

Face of Nation

Dr. living in Vadodara. “I have worked with Dhawal in Face of Nation for 7 years,” says Jyotirnath. I know him well. Launched in 2010. Every Monday it is released from Vadaj, Ahmedabad. After exposing Vadaj’s Gopi food court scam was shut down for 3 days.

Why did you start a newspaper?

He started a weekly newspaper called Face of Nation, to tell the truth. In which he was writing aggressive reports. He started a newspaper and a website called Face of the Nation to fight against the anti-establishment, the government and the authorities, He said.

Many scams exposed

Anganwadi scam, BJP government’s tender rigging scam, religion scam, Had received death threats in maninagar case, In which political leaders were involved. Ambaji bungle was also stopped after they published news articles.

Exposed Crores Rupees scam in Nadiad

Exposed Nadiad officials and Nadiad municipality’s scams of crores of rupees. Because of that he has been charged with soliciting ransom-bribe. Similar ransom charges have been filed against several journalists in Ahmedabad who expose government scams. Therefore many reporters are afraid to write against them.

The government shut down the newspaper

He was writing a sensational report criticizing the BJP Nadiad leader and the government in his small newspaper when the collector issued a notice to close the newspaper. Against which Dhaval Patel fought and won.

Nadiad municipality had exposed to a scam of crores of rupees. The BJP government did not take any action against the scammers but the officials had filed a ransom case against Dhaval.

When Dhaval wrote against BJP MLA and Dandak Pankaj Desai in Nadiad, Nadiad Collector closed the Face of the Nation newspaper for 9 months. In which Dhawal fought in the High Court and won. The High Court said that Collector had no right to close any newspaper.

The newspaper that the BJP wanted to shut down was was writing expose and scams of rupani. Which was not acceptable by dictatorial leaders of the BJP. Dhaval was charged with soliciting bribes in a political gesture.

Threatened several times

He has been threatened many times as he publishes scams of politicians and government officials. He received death threats by religious leaders when he revealed the Maninagar scam. Political leaders were also involved. They received several political threats.

The paper doing well

Launched Face of Nation Weekly in 2010. The website also has this name. Face of Nation has 38,000 likes on Facebook. The paper is currently closed due to the corona epidemic but its reports are read by millions on their websites and Facebook.

What is the real reason

Hundreds of reports have been written in many newspapers and websites about Rupani being replaced as a CM. A journalist has the right to write about an assumption if there is a political movement going on. Many journalists have written about this news but the crime of sedition has been filed only against Dhaval.

But the real reason is that while people were dying from Corona in Ahmedabad city, Dhaval published true reports about Vijay Nehra’s failures because of that Rupani had to appoint other officers to replace Nehra.

He used to write openly about Jayanti Ravi’s wrong decisions. Vijay Rupani’s government was exposed in Corona by him but the government cannot take action against Dhaval. The government was looking for an excuse to take action against Dhaval, which they found when he wrote a report that a chief minister could be changed.

Subramaniam Swamy tweeted that Anandiben Patel could bring the corona situation under control if she is made the Chief Minister. But the police have not taken any action against BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy.

The crime of treason/sedition shouldn’t be applied in this case. The government knows this. But Dhawal will have to fight jail and legal battle for days. This is what the government wants. So that the journalist is disturbed. The BJP government wants other journalists to see this and panic. Times of India journalist Prashant Dayal was also charged with sedition during the Modi government.

Cameraman and journalist
Dhaval has worked as a cameraman at the international news organization ANI. He has done more work in In-cable. He has worked as a reporter in Sandesh newspaper, Divya Bhaskar, City News.