10 lakh farmers’ earnings drowned due to increase in diesel prices in Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 13 April 2021

There are wells for irrigation of agricultural crops in an area of ​​20 lakh hectares in Gujarat. It is estimated that out of 58 lakh farmers in Gujarat, 10 lakh farmers are farming using diesel for irrigation. On average, a medium farmer owns 2 hectares of land. About 10 lakh farmers live by irrigation from wells.

Since sub-canals have not been constructed in the Narmada Canal by the government, farmers use diesel pump sets to take water for irrigation. The number of such farmers can be 4 lakhs.

Farmers irrigated with wells rather than bore wells and canals are mostly poor. It has little land and no irrigation canal or bore well facility. 40 lakh farmers are farming on 3 hectares of land.

Sub canals not built

Also, the Narmada Canal does not have sub-canals, so farmers use diesel engines on the sub-canal to draw water. Hence its production cost increases. In fact, it is estimated from the situation in Surendranagar that there are more than 4 lakh farmers who draw water from the canal through a diesel engine. The Government of Gujarat has not undertaken the responsibility of constructing small canals till the fields of these farmers. Therefore, farmers have to spend 80 percent of the total cost of farming on the Narmada Canal by installing engines on water which were to be available for free.

They use diesel engines on wells to draw water, do not irrigate bore well and canals.

Inefficient diesel engine use

The highest cost in agricultural production is 70 to 85 percent behind irrigation water. Oil engines and pump sets made in Rajkot are used by farmers and only 6 per cent of diesel engines are capable used. More than one and a half liters of diesel is used in 50 percent of the engines. A 24 per cent pump set uses one to one and a half to two times the diesel. 20% pump sets are those that use more than two, more diesel than capacity. This is according to a survey. Thus, the farmer eats mara twice. In addition, diesel is used by selecting footwalls, pipes, inefficient engines, pump sets that do not conform to the engine. Thus farmers are killed from all sides.

Sagar Rabari, farmer hero

Farmer hero Sagar Rabari says that the 15-horsepower engine uses 3 to 4 liters of diesel per hour. One and a half to two liters of diesel is used in 10 horsepower per hour. Irrigation is done from half a BIGHA to 1 BIGHA in an hour. Accordingly, farmers have to bear heavy expenditure on diesel.


There has been a huge increase in the cost of farming with the increase in the cost of fertilizer and diesel leading to a huge increase in the cost of farming. Therefore, the prices of vegetables and major crops have gone up. The data itself says that the income of the farmer is decreasing, the matter of doubling is just a daydream.

The increase in diesel prices has doubled since the BJP came to power. In contrast, diesel prices in Muslim countries, including Pakistan and China, have halved in 2021 compared to 2014. If a farmer spends Rs 10,000 on his farm, he spends Rs 8,000 on diesel.

The main costs in agriculture are diesel, electricity, fertilizer and labor.

Month Year – Price – Rs.

Apr-13 – 43.63

Apr-14- 55.48

Apr-15 – 49.41

Apr-16 – 48.33

July-17 – 53.33,

Jul-18 – 67.38

19 July – 66.69

June -20 – 79.88

Mar-21 – 81.47

86.59 percent price increase

Thus, in the 9 years from 2013 to 2021, the price of diesel has increased from Rs 43.63 to Rs 81.41. At one stage, diesel prices rose by 100 percent. Currently, the price is 86.59 percent higher.

In addition, there has been a huge increase in diesel in tractors, equipment etc. It is estimated that a farmer has to pay Rs 5,000 per hectare for a tractor and Rs 30,000 per hectare for a diesel engine.



8 lakh tractors against 6 lakh bulls

Gujarat has a total population of 18.50 lakh oxen. There are 12 lakh bulls for farming. There are 56-58 lakh farmers in total. A total of 6 lakh farmers now have the number of oxen.

7.73 lakh tractors are registered in Gujarat in 2019-20. The unregistered mini tractor, the homemade mini tractor is estimated at 20 lakhs. One who does the work of an ox and a man. Tractors are now used for farming such as weeding, sowing, planting, and thresher.

Small farmer increased

There are 56-58 lakh farmers in total. In 2001 there were 6 lakh farmers with half a hectare of land. It has increased to 1.3 million in 2021. The number of farmers with half an acre of land has increased from 7 lakh to 16 lakh in 20 years.

In this way, bullocks are not being cultivated on 5 to 10 bighas of land. Diesel is used in tractors. Which cost the farmers dearly.

Surat 251300 13400 17800
Narmada 113000 12400 16100
Bharuch 314900 11000 23000
Dang 56500 0 0
Navsari 106800 7500 8000
Valsad 164300 17900 27100
Tapi 149100 15800 26200
South Gu. 1663700
Ahmedabad 487400 27700 47200
Anand 183800 21100 45900
Kheda 283500 43800 74900
Panchmahal 176200 14600 21700
Dahod 223600 5700 23800
Vadodara 304700 21600 26600
Ocean 122400 14200 17700
Chhotaudepur 206600 37400 43400
Middle Gu. 1988200
Banaskantha 691600 46300 115900
Patan 360400 10600 11100
Mehsana 348100 7400 14300
Sabarkantha 271600 86000 138300
Gandhinagar 160200 0 0
Aravali 202700 50800 96100
North Guj. 2034600
Kutch 733500 35300 52700
Surendranagar 621000 70100 105600
Rajkot 536300 70800 1123
Jamnagar 366200 120100 137100
Porbandar 110900 31100 54900
Junagadh 358700 119700 187200
Amreli 538200 91000 100600
Bhavnagar 454700 94000 107500
Morbi 347000 48500 68800
Botad 199700 880 125000
Somnath 217000 73100 101500
Dwarka 229600 22800 29600
Saurashtra 3979300
Gujarat Cool 9891500 1329700 1977800