4 lakh tons of Keshar mango crop is expected in Gujarat, prices will remain high for 20 days late

Gandhinagar, 3 April 2021

The aromatic juicy Kesar mango ripened in Talala and Gir of Saurashtra has come late. The production of Keshar mangoes has been decreasing for the last 3 years. This time too, like next year, production may be reduced by 30–50 percent. Keshar will arrive late in the mango market as it is late due to cold and fog. Farmers expect that mangoes will arrive in the first week of April, in the second week of April. On May 11, 2020, Keshar mangoes started arriving in Rajkot. There were Rs.500 to 900 in a 9 kg box.

There are 39 thousand hectares of mango orchards in Saurashtra. 99% of which are Kesar mango orchards. In addition, Keshar is considered common in 10 thousand hectares of Kutch and 12 thousand hectares of gardens in South and North Gujarat. Thus, a total of 60 thousand hectares of Kesar mango orchards are there. It is estimated that 4 lakh tonnes of Keshar mangoes will be harvested in the gardens of Gujarat this year.


Talala is the largest center of Kerry. It is estimated that there are 17 lakh mango trees in around 13 thousand hectares.

Keshar’s Talala brand was famous earlier. Mangoes are sold at 9 kg cans at a price of 10 kg. Talala has 13 thousand hectares of Keshar orchards. Another 13,000 hectares are in the surrounding areas.

The 50-day season is of Carry with a turnover of Rs 100 crore. Talala mango market had a revenue of 7 lakh to 11 lakh rupees. A box contains 10 kg of raw material. Prices ranged from Rs 210 to Rs 310.

Farmer’s brand of khud

Farmers now sell brands in the name of their village or farm. Box printing is done on a large scale. The brand name will be on 8 to 1 million boxes.

Keshar mangoes are now in good demand as farmers are starting their brand name. Last year, there were 225 brands. In 2021 this year, 300 brands of Keshar mango will be sold. Which is named on the box packing. The brand carries high prices.

Among such brands, village names like Una, Bhakha, Maliahatina, Dhoraji, Junagadh, Jamwala, Samteer, Khordi, Kodinar have become famous.

Pickle mangoes have started after the festival of Holi. The mangoes from outside states have started reaching Ahmedabad. The price of Hafus mangoes is Rs 100 to Rs 300 per kg.

Junagadh processing unit

In Junagadh, Keshar mangoes are now mostly going to 250 processing plants. The farmers themselves are interested. Packed in Teen Peck and given to malls or companies. Pulp is prepared and preserved at a low temperature of 18 degrees. Now there is a possibility of buying Keshar mango on behalf of PepsiCo.

In 1931, the king of Junagadh planted a plant of Keshar mango. It was named Keshar in 1934 due to its orange color.

Gujarat has mango groves in a total area of ​​1.66 lakh hectares. A total of 1.2 million tonnes of mango crop took place in 2018-20. Hopefully this time the mangoes will be cut.