Saurashtra’s largest lemon farmer says that lemon prices are good but production is down


Gandhinagar, 3 April 2021

On normal days, price of Lamon, 20 to 75 rupees per kg., 70 rupees in summer. This time the Gondal Farmer Market Production Committee is getting Rs 800 to Rs 2200 per 20 kg. When the monsoon starts, it will sold Rs.200 for 20 kg of lemon.

Production is down 50 percent in the 2021 season. That is why the price is good.

Flowers were deficient due to heavy rains in Saurashtra and North Gujarat. Lemons have been adversely affected by large amounts of winter dew and cold.

Leading line farmer Rasikbhai Bhadania 9727758804, the largest lemon producer in Gujarat. Growing lemons on 80 acres of land, Rasikbhai says that the 2020 monsoon was delayed. Lemon was delayed in flowering due to the delay of the rainy season. Flowers come a month after the rain stops. Hence the late season has started.

Big farmer of Saurashtra Rasikabhai Bhadaniya

Rasikabhai Bhadaniya is a native of Valsan village,  Jamnagar and currently cultivating lemon in Chotala. Has owned 120 acres since 2000. There are lemons on 80 acres. Saurashtra’s largest lemon producer Rasikabhai Bhadaniya says it was cold at night and hot during the day at the time of flowering. With the second flowering coming a month later, the lemon will now ripen in large quantities in late April.

Rasikbhai Bhadaniya, a farmer from Chotila, says lemons come from Karnataka and other states to Gujarat. I like farming. Helping the farmers around the area regarding farming. Lemon contains 3 times Falvaringa and in 4 months Lemon is formed.

1 lakh farmer

Lemon cultivation is booming in Gujarat. 1 to 1.20 lakh farmers grow 6 to 7 lakh tons of lemons in 46 to 50 thousand hectares. Which is 19.25 percent of India. India produces 3.2 million tonnes of lemon.

Production less

In 2014-15, 4.62 lakh tonnes of lemons were ripened. Which matured 6 lakh tonnes in 2017-19 and 7 lakh tonnes in 2020. The way farmers have reduced production in citrus cultivation, according to the agriculture officer, this year there is a possibility of producing 5 lakh tonnes of lemons.


The yield is 13 to 16 tonnes per hectare. This time productivity has halved. The atmosphere has hardened in 50 thousand hectares.

Gujarat at the forefront

The farmers of Gujarat grow the most lemons in India. Anand Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya produced 30 tonnes of lemon per hectare.

Production of citrus in lakh tons in 2017-18

Rank State Product Contribution -%

1 Gujarat 6.05 19.24

2 Andhra Pradesh 5.62 17.85

3 Madhya Pradesh 3.06 9.74

4 Karnataka 3.06 9.73

5 Orissa 2.59 8.25

6 Maharashtra 2.50 7.96

7 Telangana 1.78 5.66

8 Tamil Nadu 1.18 3.76

9 Bihar 1.13 3.6

India produces a total of 3,14700

Mehsana had 12311 hectares in 2017 and Kagji Lemon Farms in 2020 at 15 thousand hectares. The highest production of citrus in Gujarat is Rs 400-500 crore. Farmers produce 250 kg of lemon from a tree. Export to 20 countries of the world.

In Vadodara, tissue culture seeds and other lemons are grown on 1200 hectares. It is the experience of farmers that lemons produced in organic farming do not germinate for 28 days.


Farmers of Gujarat hang lemons on their mustaches, Gujarat has the highest production of lemons in the entire country

Cheap lemon

According to Rasikbhai Bhadania, the industry that makes cheap lemons during the monsoon season buys goods at Rs 200 per 20 kg. In the monsoon, the price goes down. Does the process. It destroys the cheap goods of the farmers, hence growing lemon becomes very troublesome for the farmers. People buy cheaper goods from farmers at very cheap prices in the market. Pickle traders buy cheap and poor quality lemons in the monsoon and make them pickles. Which keeps the lemon pickle in a barrel for 3-4 years. There are also traders who have filled 5,000 barrels. In which economic exploitation of farmers and consumers takes place.