Corona mask penalty on unemployed in Ahmedabad, police target to impose fine of Rs 1 lakh – MLAs

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Ahmedabad, 29 September 2020

In Ahmedabad, the police are executing the people under the name of Corona Mask. The unemployed people are fined, Congress MLAs have demanded in front of the police that a fine of Rs 1000 is being imposed on the unemployed and poor people. It should stop. People should go out wearing masks. Congress MLAs of Amdavad, Ghyasuddin Sheikh and Imran Khedawala have placed demands before the Commissioner of Police.

Police station target of one lakh money

In order to meet the government’s target of collecting Rs 1 lakh per police station, small and middle class shopkeepers have been forcibly fined by the police.

It’s fine

You punish those who do not actually follow the law, those who do not wear masks, those who do not follow social distance, those who do not follow government guidelines. Rs. 1000 should not be penalized. Corruption has increased due to this. The police has become corrupt. The poor are being charged for their money.

Forcibly fined

But those who are small and middle class, who do not punish innocent people wrongly to meet the target given by the government in the difficult times of this Choro epidemic. It will only meet the targets set by the government.

In difficult times a fine

The person who eats every day will have a hard time making a living and if you really have to pay the fine, post pictures of them and then pay the fine so that no misunderstanding arises. This was said by MLA GayaSuddin Sheikh and MLA Imran Khedawala.

Both these Congress MLAs are silent for the people

Bapunagar Congress MLA Himmat Singh Patel remained silent on the questions of the people. Similarly, Shailesh Manu Parmar, Congress MLA from Danilimada, does not show up with the people. Jamalpur – Khadia Congress MLA Imran Khedawala and Dariyapur Congress MLA Ghyasuddin Habibuddin Sheikh are two MLAs. But 5 MLAs of Ahmedabad district cannot unite against the dictatorship of the government.

14 BJP MLAs are loyal to the leader, not to the public

In addition, 14 BJP MLAs who have been elected to the public remained silent against Rupani. They are not loyal to the voters but loyal to the leader. Therefore, there is an appeal to the public to present their questions and elect such MLAs. The state Home Minister has imposed a fine of Rs 1,000 on the people. He is the one who has given the police license to commit the most atrocities on the people of Ahmedabad. Drivers are being fined up to Rs 5,000.

These 14 BJP MLAs are not with the people

Vatva, Pradeep B. Jadeja, BJP

Naranpura, Kaushikbhai Patel, BJP

Ghatlodia, Bhupendra Patel, BJP

Vejalpur, Kishore Babu Chauhan, BJP

Ellisbridge, Rakesh Shah, BJP

Nikol, Jagdish Ishwarbhai Panchal, BJP

Naroda, Balaram Thawani, BJP

Thakkarbapanagar, Vallabh Gobar Kakadia, BJP

Amraiwadi, Jagdish Ishwar Patel, BJP

Maninagar, Suresh Dhanji Patel, BJP

Sabarmati, Arvind Patel, BJP

Asarwa, Pradeep Parmar, BJP

Daskroi, Babu Jamana Patel, BJP

Sanand, Kanu Patel, BJP

Viramgam, Lakha Bharwad, Congress