867 supermarkets have been allowed for home delivery in Gujarat

A total of 867 supermarkets have been allowed for home delivery in towns and metros. 3511 vehicles have also been approved for this purpose. There are also 16043 grocery stores and 864 filling stations for petrol-diesel in the state.

IIT for manufacturing N-95 mask for self-safety in Gujarat Cellulose Products Changodar produces 25 thousand masks daily by technology transfer from Kanpur.

Dedicated Corona-Covid Hospital is functioning in four metros in the state. Now a 100-bed Covid Hospital, with 29 districts, will be opened in the next 4-5 days on an immediate basis.

Describing the 13th day of lockdown in the state, the state said that on Monday, revenue of 199 lakh liters of milk and 46 lakh liters of milk was distributed in the state.

Of the 65 thousand quintals of vegetables covered, potatoes are 17 thousand, onions 18 thousand and other green vegetables 25 thousand quintals. Fourteen thousand quintals of fruits, including 399 quintals of apples, 1318 quintals of bananas and 12 thousand other fruits.

More than 40,000 cleaners are mandated for door to door collection, street cleaning, etc. in 1406 wards of 8 metros and 162 municipalities.

So far 51 lakh food packets have been distributed in collaboration with voluntary organizations to provide two time meals.