Ahmedabad is in more dangerous form TB than Corona, BJP officials have failed miserably

Ahmedabad, 24 July 2020

25,173 corona patients have been registered in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat. So far, more than 1565 patients have died by July 23, 2020. Tuberculosis has proved more dangerous in Ahmedabad than in Corona. Every year 12 thousand TB patients come to Ahmedabad. Every year, 700 patients die of tuberculosis from cough. Thus, tuberculosis is actually more fatal.

Rupani of Gujarat, Modi governments of India and BJP Mayor Bijal Patel of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation have no plans to end TB. Tuberculosis has been on the rise in Gujarat since Modi became the Chief Minister. Among them, under the rule of Anandi Patel and Vijay Rupani, tuberculosis has started to spread. Some private doctors believe that the gas and CNG of vehicles left in the air are to blame.

Tuberculosis is caused by smoking, excessive intake of alcohol, contaminated air-water as well as unhealthy diet. In the period from 2010 to 2019, there have been 98582 cases of TB in Ahmedabad. Of which 5541 patients have died.

Patients of the last five years and their deaths

Year T.B. Patients Death
2015 9,284 534
2016 10,032 582
2017 11,576 744
2018 12,569 775
2019 12,948 723

6 percent death

From 2015 to 2019, 55,648 tuberculosis patients were reported. In which 3358 patients died. The corona virus infects a maximum of two to three people per patient. But in Ahmedabad, one tuberculosis patient infects 15 people. The disease is especially frightening in the working class and slum areas and surrounding areas.

  • About 6 percent of tuberculosis deaths. 94 percent are good
  • Death rate of Kovid patients is also high in Ahmedabad. 2.50 percent of deaths worldwide.
  • The death rate of corona in other countries or other cities of the country has been only two to three percent.

A hospital provided to BJP by RSS

Geetamandir, which had only one hospital for the treatment of tuberculosis patients, has also been demolished. It was handed over to a political organization associated with BJP and RSS in 1990. No other hospital is isolated for tuberculosis.

Where are more patient

The number of cases of tuberculosis in the working areas of the city is increasing. Areas such as Baharampura, Danilimada, Rakhial, Gomtipur, Amraiwadi are more patient. From 2015 to 2019, 38019 tuberculosis patients and 197 deaths occurred in the Amraiwadi region.

In Baharampura, 4204 patients and 208 deaths, 2782 patients and 226 deaths in Bhayapura, 3841 patients and 189 deaths in Rakhial, 2514 cases and 149 deaths in Danilimada and 3360 cases and 248 deaths in Asarwa.

Expenditure of a patient Rs. 7 lakhs

Drug-resistant TB (MDR) is more fatal. Amdr tb About 600 cases occur every year. 40 percent of these patients have died. MDR TB patients are treated for 11 to 30 months. Since 2016, patients with tuberculosis have been given the drug called Bedaculin. In which Rs 7 lakh per patient. it happens.

Tuberculosis patients get Rs 500 per month in their bank account for nutritious food. 2.10 crore has been provided to 10 thousand patients in 1 year. Tuberculosis is a disease. If the disease is hidden by a patient, it can affect up to 15 people.

Swine flu

In the year 2017, there were 2647 cases of swine flu in Ahmedabad and 150 patients died. In 2018, 777 patients and 29 died. In 2019, 1337 patients and 28 died. Swine flu patients and deaths are very low compared to tuberculosis. But Mayor Bijal Patel has completely failed in tuberculosis.

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