The news breaker of the world famous Arham is journalist Mazhar Pathan, who wrote a story 9 months ago.

Ahmedabad, November 11, 2020

37, Majhar Pathan, a journalist who is working as a reporting for the Navgujarat Samya newspaper of Ahmadism, Gujarat, was the first to pass the guinness world record story of Aham Om Talsania to pass the world’s smallest Python programming language test. His first story published 9 months ago was on February 28, 2020. He told a source of school staff that there was a news.

He then spoke to Arham’s father and sent all the documents. News break kia with the youngest programmer in Python. Since then, the news has been coming as follow-up news on many websites in the world. Then on November 6, 2020, Python passed the programming language test and also wrote the first news of the Guinness World Record.

Today is the date of his wedding on 11th November, 2020. The medium is celebrating the 14th year of his marriage today. His phone number is 9825066856

What is the world famous story of Majhar?

A second standard student from Ahmedabad, Arham Om Talsania has set the Guinness World Record by passing a powerful Python programming language exam at the age of six. It was held on January 23, 2020 at the Microsoft-certified Pearson Wu Test Center. The world’s youngest computer program has passed the test, which is considered difficult for engineers. Recognized as a Microsoft technology partner with 900 digits out of 1000.

Arham’s logical structure and coding expertise is phenomenal. Recognized as a Microsoft technology partner. The python language is used in artificial intelligence, data science, robotics and the Internet of Things. Currently the whole world is moving in a virtual direction. Ncert for standards 8 and 9 is also included in the book. Arham has a grip on coding at such a young age. Muhammad Hamza Shahzad, a seven-year-old of Pakistani origin and currently residing in Britain, broke the last Guinness World Record.

Hobby – Will Create Game Now

He likes playing video games and wants to create his own video games, so he started learning Python. This small computer programmer considers his father ideal. Arham is currently making his video game. By the time he was three years old, he was using all operating systems like Android, Windows and iOS.

By the age of five he knew all the standard programming apps like Scratch and Tinker. Apps weren’t enough for them, so they started learning Python. Arham is currently making his video game. He is working on 2D and 3D versions of the game at the same time and will launch the game soon. He wants to grow up to be an entrepreneur in the field of technology. He also wants to create his own games, software and robots. He wants technology to change our lives and take us to the future world.


Both Arham’s parents are software engineers. Father Om Talsania is a software engineer. Arham’s mother Satiety Tulsania is a lecturer and engineer. Arham learned a lot from his father while his father was working from home. Arham is very fond of computers because he was about 2 years old, and the computer was a teacher. Which proceeded further. Then Arham asked his father to make his video game. The father understood the son’s interest. Because the son was also learning very quickly.

His father decided to take the Microsoft exam. They were encouraged by the family. He considers his father his ideal. His father, Om Talsania, is currently the technology head of a US-based multinational company. Dad showed some code and inspired him to create his game with the help of Python. Father started giving basic training. Started to learn quickly.

He began to learn how to create a game from the Python programming language. Initially, coding started with half an hour to one hour. Arham spent some time with his father on Saturdays and Sundays and learned to make small programs. Once they got enough basic knowledge, the two began to spend more and more time in it. According to what professional engineers call hackathon, Arham and his father spent the entire weekend making text-based games. Arham’s mother encouraged her and helped her a lot through this whole journey.

What Arham says

I have been playing with various gadgets since childhood, since my parents are in the IT sector, Mazhar told Aharma. I learned a laptop or tablet when my father or mother was working at the age of two. I was very interested in various gadgets. In five years I learned a block-based program. One day when dad was working at home, I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was working on the Python language of the computer. If I was interested, I asked if you would teach me? My journey to learning Python began from there. Father taught me on Sunday. Creating games

Along with learning Python, I also made my own short game. Yes, it’s not a game on an online platform. But it was an interactive game with puzzles, numbers, calculators, etc. I have made that. It seemed so easy for me. Mom and dad used to help everywhere. The father decided to take the Microsoft Technology Associate exam. This exam is very difficult for those who are educated in the IT sector. Because it asks complex questions to check your IQ with coding of the exam program. Achieved 900 points out of 1000 points and became the youngest programmer in the world to create world records.

Eye Checkup

Since my parents worked with gadgets, they realized how much time I had to pay to check my eyes every six months. I never sat on a laptop to spend time. I know what I have to do.


Uggam School for Children student Arham. Emerging school for children is already far ahead of other schools in terms of technology. KG runs classes for students from computers and iPads. Technology is not just for entertainment, it also has a lot of logical calculations. The school has programs like Logivides that help in enhancing the logical capacity of senior KG students. The emergent school uses extramarks such as online platforms.

Microsoft teams in particular that are used at the corporate level in the IT industry. Creating such a system for the first standard student allows the child to learn on the standard platform of the IT industry. It can help students from an early age move forward in the world of coding and technology.