Farmers of Gujarat hang lemons on their mustaches, Gujarat has the highest production of lemons in the entire country

Dilip Patel, Ahmedabad, 2 November 2020

According to the lemon production released by APEDA for 2017-18, India produces 31.47 lakh tonnes of lemons. In which 6.05 lakh tonnes of lemon have been grown in Gujarat. Which is 19.24 percent of the country’s production. Has defeated Gujarat’s rival Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh has a share of 18 percent.

In this way 1 lakh farmers of Gujarat cultivate lemon, they have given pride . In 2014-15, Andhra Pradesh produced 5 lakh tonnes of lemons, while Gujarat produced 4.62 lakh tonnes. Thus, in two years, the farmer of Gujarat has overtaken Andhra Pradesh. Similarly, Gujarat has got the first number in the country. This was said by an official of the Department of Agriculture.

Lemon is cultivated on 46,279 thousand hectares in Gujarat. With a production of 6 lakh tonnes, the average yield is 13 to 16 tonnes per hectare. 30 tonnes of lemon per hectare was obtained at the Agricultural Research Center in Anand. Lemons are grown worldwide. Rich in citric acid. Citrus fruits are used in every household of the world to add flavour to food. Gujarat now grows the most lemons in the whole of India. Sources in Anand Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya said this.

The saying of years came true in lemon

When it comes to pride and drunkenness, in Gujarat the word lemon is used on a mustache and the proverb is used. Putting lemon on a mustache, rubbing lemon on a mustache, placing lemon on a mustache means not letting the mustache figure turn. Hanging a lemon on a mustache – that is, respect. Years later the saying has now come true.

Lemon production in tons 2017-18
Order State Product Contribute %
1 Gujarat 605.62 19.24
2 Andhra Pradesh 562.01 17.85
3 Madhya Pradesh 306.73 9.74
4 Karnataka 306.21 9.73
5 Orissa 259.83 8.25
6 Maharashtra 250.62 7.96
7 Telangana 178.25 5.66
8 Tamil Nadu 118.46 3.76
9 Bihar 113.19 3.6
10 Assam 112.4 3.57
11 Chattisgarh 108.3 3.44
12 Manipur 66.95 2.13
13 Jharkhand 54.6 1.73
14 Mizoram 25.9 0.82
15 Tripura 24.21 0.77
16 Rajasthan 14.47 0.46
17 Jammu & Kashmir 12.74 0.4
18 Punjab 7.62 0.24
19 Nagaland 7.51 0.24
20 Himachal Pradesh 6.72 0.21
21 Meghalaya 4.94 0.16
22 Kerala 0.46 0.01
23 Arunachal Pradesh 0.11 0


Mehsana First

Mehsana Unjha, Kadi, Udalpur, Kherwa, Jagudan, Untwa, Jagannathpura, Kahoda have the highest citrus yields in Gujarat. Nearly 90 percent of the farmers in Kahoda village near Unjha cultivate lemon. 6 to 7 thousand kilograms of lemons are produced daily from this village. Mehsana had lime orchards in 12311 hectares in 2017 and 15 thousand hectares in 2020. Mehsana produces lemon worth Rs 400 crore.

Lemon garden accounts for 30% of the total cultivation of Mehsana. From here lemons go to 20 countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 250 kg gives one lemon tree. The fruit is fragrant, thin bark and juicy. Kagi lime soda and sourness are in great demand, as it is unique. This is what the Mehsana lemon traders believe.

Agriculture in this district

Lemon is cultivated in Mehsana, Bhavnagar, Kheda, Anand, Gandhinagar, Surendranagar, Kutch, Ahmedabad. Lemons are cultivated in Palitana, Vallabhipur, Umrala and Shihor in Bhavnagar. Normal yield in one area is 50–70 kg.


On normal days, you get 20 to 25 rupees per kg. Get up to 70 rupees in summer. Two years ago it was barely Rs 7 per kg.

Experiences inspiring other farmers have been recorded at the Gandhinagar Krishi Bhavan.

Lemon without seed

Cultivation of seedless citrus fruits is increasing. Seedless tissueculture lemons from Thailand are grown in Gujarat. Avkhals of Shinor and Oradi villages of Dabhoi in Vadodara district have been growing lemons without seeds since 2015. It is seedless in 1200 hectares and 300 acres in Vadodara district. After 3 years, 5–10 kg of lime is found in a compound.

New experiment

Kiran Patel was the first person to grow tissue culture plants without seeds in Piplaj in Kheda. Prices are high. If it is applied in cold, the yield is high. Lemons come when seasons change. Is perennial. The size is large and juicy fruit.

Farmer’s Marketing

Dilsukh Gadara, a farmer from Dhrangada village in Jamnagar, is produced directly at every shop instead of producing lemons and selling them at APMC.

Slime on the ground

A farmer from Vashiyal village in Savarkundla, Amreli, Pune Magan Gajera has shown that he can grow lemons by drip irrigation on sloping ground where nothing happens.

Lemon stays fresh for one month

Ishwar Patel, a farmer from Bhalana village of Harij, Patan, produced 1500 kg in 1.5 acres of land and sold it for Rs 1.50 lakh. It is claimed that their fruit does not spoil for a month. Have earned good income by cultivating lemon in a completely organic method.