Gujarat BJP launches praise campaign, ballot paper voting is not allowed, no action against MLA


Gandhinagar, 11 February 2021

The Gujarat Bharatiya Janata Party has started its election campaign in Ahmedabad for local body elections. There are 9 thousand candidates. He took an oath of allegiance to the government.

The BJP will create 18 digital chariots and films praising will be screened. But BJP leaders are not ready to do anything for bullying.

Modi’s special legislator Madhu Srivastava had threatened to kill journalists in Vadodara district panchayat. The police has not taken any action against him. A complaint should be filed against the MLA under IPC 506 (2).

To take legal action against the MLA by electronic media personnel, the Commissioner of Police Dr. Also introduced to Samasher Singh. However, no action has been taken against Madhu Srivastava.

Madhu Srivastava’s son Deepak Srivastava has apologized on the matter and said that he was reluctant to ask questions to his father.

The BJP promotes bullying. No action has been taken against Madhu by BJP’s Mavdi Mandal. People of Gujarat do not like such hooliganism and lying.

The BJP government has sent the state election commission EVMs for the local body elections to be held in Gujarat. Elections are conducted by EVMs (electronic voting machines), which are demanded to be done with ballot paper.

This time EVMs do not have as many VVPet machines. As a result, a public interest litigation was filed in the Gujarat High Court for holding elections on ballot paper.

The State Election Commission had submitted to the court that the election process has already started, so it is not possible to hold elections on the ballot. The commission has been directed to file a written reply by the 15th.

The use of VVPet has been made mandatory so that EVMs do not tamper with voting. Voting in EVMs is a piece of paper that confirms that whichever party or candidate received the vote will appear in the VVPet machine for a while.

Furthermore, if a dispute or problem arises even during the counting of votes, a compromise can be reached by counting the votes of the VPPet. Against whom the Panch presented today that the election process has been going on for a long time, it is not possible to conduct elections from the ballot box.

BJP did not disclose how many people have been given tickets. But the Congress has made it public.

Congress has 188 candidates in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation election. In which Congress has fielded 45 candidates from OBC. There are 18 candidates for Thakor. Since Bharat Solanki is Thakor, a large part of OBC has been given to Thakor. While Thakor has a population of only 3 wards. Other OBCs have been denied.

There are 45 SC and then 34 Patidar candidates. Tickets have been given to 24 Muslims, 11 Jains, 9 Hindi speakers, 5 Kshatriyas, 6 Brahmins, 2 Sonia, 2 Sindhis, 2 Lohans, 2 Adivasis, 1 Christian. But the BJP could not announce this way.(translated from Gujarati)