Rabi onion, farmers in Gujarat are getting large scale production and good prices 

Gandhinagar, 11 February 2021

Traders from across the country are making big deals in Gujarat to buy onions. Onions are flourishing in Mahuva and Gondal. Rs 10 per kg has increased rapidly. Onions are being purchased at Rs 200 to 650 per 20 kg. Due to high demand, buying onions in the Mahuva farmers market has been stopped. According to the preliminary estimates of the Agriculture Department, this year, as on February 11, 2021, the current price, Gujarat may produce 1.5 million tonnes of onions worth Rs 5,000 crore. Which would break all previous records. Now onions are coming out of the fields. Goods have started coming to the farmer’s market.

The income of 15 thousand Bag was 10 February 2021. Gondal Farmers Market had 11 thousand bags. The Mahuva market has been closed due to merchants’ involvement. The 20 kg price of Gondal was 111 and lower 651. Farmers average Rs 20 per kg.

The assessment

According to the calculation of the Department of Agriculture, in 2021 planting was done on 60 thousand hectares instead of 54 thousand hectares. Which was 156 percent more than the normal cultivation of 39 thousand hectares. In 2020, the cultivated area was 42 thousand hectares. Production is expected to be 14.87 lakh tonnes and productivity 27694 kg per hectare in 2021.

Onion harvesting

The farmers of Gujarat grow the most onions per hectare in the country. In Gujarat, onion harvesting is done in winter. In other states, it occurs mostly in the monsoon. In winter, 38 to 40 thousand hectares have been planted. The average for the last 3 years under cultivation is 38827 hectares. This time, there was no expected planting. Most of the Dharu was burnt once, two or three times due to late night rains. Therefore, onion cultivation in Bhavnagar, Amreli, Jamnagar, Rajkot was less than expected. In fact, if the house had not been burnt down due to heavy rains, 85,000 hectares could have been planted in Gujarat this time. Which could be applied twice by 2020.

Bhavnagar First in the country

Gujarat farmers produce a maximum of 2400 onions per hectare as against India’s average of 1700 kg. Onion is grown on an average of 1315200 hectares in the country. Gujarat accounts for 4% and production is 6%. India’s largest market for Kharif crops Onion in Lasalgaon in Maharashtra and Ravi Crope in Mahuva Bhavnagar.

The Department of Agriculture expects 669430 tonnes of onion production in 2018-19 and 1093760 tonnes in 2019-20. Last year’s production was expected to be 1.1 million tonnes. In Bhavnagar, 29600 hectares were planted in 2019. Which was about 48 percent of the state’s total 62400 hectares of land. The yield is 25 to 35 thousand kg in one hectare.

States in which Ravi keeps onions

Gujarat, Odisha and Sikkim are states where onion crop is coming on the market in February. In other states, onions are not ready and come on the market this month. It is grown on 1315000 hectares in India and produces 22 million tonnes. Which took place in 2021.

Most in Saurashtra

Maximum planting was done in 15,800 hectares in Bhavnagar, followed by 8,200 in Rajkot, 5,400 in Amreli and 4,800 hectares in Girsomnath. Saurashtra has 43000 hectares of onion in 43 thousand hectares of the state.

New verity

Gujarat Junagadh white onion – 3 new hectares gives an average yield of 398.06 quintals. P. WF131 produces 20.8 percent more. The powder contains 13.15 percent solids.