Garlic production will reach one lakh tons, Saurashtra farmers have highest productivity in country


Gandhinagar, December 20, 2020

Garlic cultivation has been a record in the 2020 Rabi season in Saurashtra Ilake, Gujarat. The crop is healthy. Most farmers are not having to spray. Hence farmers are expected to increase production. The average productivity of garlic per hectare in Gujarat is 6800 kg. Garlic has been planted in 14500 hectares. 75% more planting has been done than last year and is likely to double. As the weather has been favorable for garlic, farmers are expected to bring productivity up to 7,000 kg per hectare this time.

According to the agriculture department, farmers in Gujarat alone will produce 1 lakh tonnes of garlic. The average price of garlic is about Rs 1,000 for the last two years. If the price remains the same this year and the government gives all its approval for the export of garlic powder, the price may be even higher. According to the Agriculture Department, in the Rabi season of 2018-19, 67240 tonnes of garlic was produced on 9870 hectares. Last year in 2019-20 it was about 70 thousand tonnes. At present, the present environment is such that 1 lakh tonnes can be produced on 14-15 thousand hectares.

Garlic is grown only in Saurashtra. About 95% of the total cultivation of Gujarat. After planting in Saurashtra, the climate is favorable. The cold has started well in the second week of December. So garlic will be better.

The main centers of garlic are Rajkot, Gondal, Dhoraji, Upleta lines which are known all over the country. In Gujarat, most of the garlic is grown in Rajkot. This time it has been planted in 4300 thousand hectares in Rajkot and 3300 hectares in Morbi. Farmers have planted 1900 hectares in Amreli, 1300 hectares in Jamnagar and 1300 hectares in Junagadh. Thus, 13500 hectares are cultivated in 8 out of 11 districts of Saurashtra. Garlic does not grow in South, North and East or Central Gujarat.

In 2017-18, farmers in the country planted garlic on 303000 hectares and produced 1721000 tonnes. This time, Gujarat alone can produce 1 lakh tonnes of garlic.

The productivity of garlic in Gujarat is 6800 kg per hectare in Gujarat. Which is more than the country’s average of 5700. Farmers in Saurashtra take 1100 kg per hectare more than the national average. in country

In 1997-98, garlic was grown in the country in 1 lakh hectares, which was 4.85 lakh tonnes. Today, Gujarat grows garlic in such an area alone. The average productivity at that time was 4452 kg. In 23 years, productivity has increased by 22% ie barely 1 thousand kg.