High Court reprimands BJP’s failed Rupani government for not protecting it from fire

High Court sacks government over fire safety issue
Why does the government allow hospitals to remain in homes: High Court
Instructions to AMC and State Government to prepare a precise policy on Fire NOC and BU Permission
The hearing of the state’s fire safety case is going on in the High Court. During the Corona period, the government took a dig at many cases of negligence. During the hearing in the last two months, the High Court has also reprimanded the government. There is also the issue of fire safety. Then the government has finally woken up. The government has taken action on fire safety.
The counsel for the petitioner submitted that skyscrapers in the state are still throbbing without fire protection. Industries including schools, colleges and specialty buildings lack fire protection.
When the government reacted to the issue of fire safety, the government said that we are taking serious measures regarding fire safety in schools and colleges. Working for fire safety. Where there is a lack of fire safety, action is being taken. The fire department is also facing problems in operation. Often units and schools do not even have BU permission.
The High Court then rebuked the government and questioned what the government had done about fire safety. If many hospitals are in homes, why does the government give permission. The government is working slowly on fire safety. Take action as per the directions of the High Court. The High Court directed the AMC and the State Government to formulate a precise policy on the permission of Fire NOC and BEU and resolve the issue.
The state corporation had filed a detailed affidavit in the High Court. Do schools, colleges and corporate houses have BEU permission and fire protection. It is necessary to talk about the condition of skyscrapers and hospitals before and now. The number of buildings which do not have NOC and fire protection is increasing. Describe the steps they have taken in the past and present.
The government replied that we are taking action under the law. Allow more time for NOC and BEU permission. The number of illegal buildings is increasing day by day.
“Tell me immediately what action you will take,” the high court reprimanded the state government, saying it has enough data to collect the tax. But there is no data on illegal buildings. We commented on you at the final hearing today. Buildings that do not have BEU permission will be sealed or demolished.
The High Court further held that the building which does not have BU permission, does not have fire NOC. Some hospitals operate in residential areas and you have to take action against them or allow them to continue. Why don’t you still say what action you will take.
There is a guarantee that the operation is taking place in accordance with the act of law. You don’t have a solution. During the next hearing the corporation and the government give us a concrete plan and a permanent solution. We don’t have to wait for the next ten years this time to solve it. Now is not the time to solve. So far we have given you a lot of time.
The government said it would seal buildings or allow new ones to start. We will not disappoint the court.
Earlier, the High Court had directed all cities and municipalities to submit a list of all buildings which do not have BU permission or fire protection.

At that time, Ahmedabad Municipality has sealed more than 1300 offices, shops, hotels, schools, restaurants and other units without BU’s permission and fire protection.