Permission by Milk Marketing Federation to Dudhsagar Dairy to set up plant in Himachal and Haryana

Mehsana’s Dudhsagar Dairy expanding its business. Dudhsagar Dairy is no longer limited to Gujarat. Now it is spreading to other states of the country. Mehsana Dudhsagar Dairy Plant to be set up in Himachal Pradesh and Haryana Mehsana Dudhsagar Dairy has been approved by Amul Milk Marketing Federation to set up a milk processing plant in Himachal Pradesh.
It is noteworthy that so far the development of dairy industry in Himachal Pradesh has been negligible. Taking advantage of this, Mehsana’s Dudhsagar Dairy is trying to do business there. Dudhsagar Dairy will soon set up a dairy plant in the hilly region of Himachal. Milk Marketing Federation has approved Dudhsagar Dairy to set up plants in Himachal and Haryana.
In near future a milk processing plant will be started in Himachal Pradesh after Manesar and Dharuhera in which 1 lakh liters of milk will be processed and distributed in Haryana and 30,000 liters of milk will be packaged and distributed in pouches in Himachal Pradesh. With buttermilk and curd. The people of hilly areas will also be benefited by the approval of Dudhsagar Dairy First Dairy Plant. In near future through this plant the milk of cow and buffalo will be collected from the people of hilly areas and different brands will be produced.
Dairy chairman Ashok Choudhary said the plant would be commissioned in six months after taking the space in these states and processing and distributing one lakh liters of milk in Haryana and 50,000 liters in Himachal Pradesh. The animal husbandry industry of Gujarat and through it the milk trade is now slowly reaching every nook and corner of the country and the world. It has also contributed significantly to the economic development of Gujarat.