Home Minister urged police to be smart, but did not say sorry for inhuman acts



Gandhinagar, 8 January 2021

At the parade ground of Gujarat Police Academy at Karai near Gandhinagar, Minister of Gujarat State for Home Pradeep Jadeja gave some lessons to the 438 trained police personnel of unarmed batch number 13. But he did not ask to become a humanist. Police in Gujarat needs to be humane. Many everyday cases of humanity are being handled by the police.

He called upon the state government to strive for the betterment of khaki Khumri and to advance Gujarat with the help of modern technology.

Jadeja said the state police should also be smart, sensitive, mobile and modern, accountable and alert, responsible and reliable and tech-savvy, fast. In this era of social media, the police also need to be smart and fast against criminals who have become hi-fi through the use of WiFi. Carefully trained in all subjects. Skill has been upgraded.

The Minister of State for Home Public offers such advice. But in fact, people believe that the Home Department should also pay attention to the beatings, exploitation, corruption, extortion and human rights violations by the police in Gujarat.


As many as 7,000 CCTV cameras have been installed under the Vishwas Project. The benefit of complete technical upgrade will be available only if there is an upgrade. There are 7327 CCTV cameras in 619 police stations of the state. 4900 smart mobile phone service connectivity has been provided to each police station in-charge, investigating officer, PCR vans and police personnel handling passport verification functions. The data base, which contains information on more than 68 lakh persons with criminal records, is made available at the fingertips.

In the last five years, more than 50,000 locker (low paid) police have been recruited in Gujarat Police. Further 12 thousand locators will be recruited.

331 against the police

Fier also has more crime and police atrocities. The police in Corona have greatly tortured the subjects. Section 331 of the IPC applies when a person is tortured by the police for believing it to be a crime.

Law not given responsibility

The Gujarat government has enacted strict laws to prevent land grabbing laws, cow protection and the crime of chain snatching so that law enforcement agencies can be given sharp weapons. Even then the police are not becoming humanists.

Responsibilities for investigation, critical installation, defense and security will be special. Expectations are high to perform duty responsibly and honestly. The Gujarat Police has worked to protect people from getting infected in Corona. But it is so tortured.

Human rights situation in Gujarat

Even during the Corona period in Rajkot on September 1, 2020, people have shouted “Trihamaam” due to the harsh fines collected by the police from the vehicle drivers. Ten people, including three women from Ambedkar Nagar, tried to commit suicide at the hospital chowk due to the EC, alleging that the police were torturing them by collecting liquor installments.

Police ask for forgiveness

On May 25, 2020 in the US, police apologized to the people of the country for the death of a black man in the United States. The Gujarat Police never apologized. Police need to apologize about the atrocities on Loco.

Gujarat Police never apologizes


1 was evidence of police atrocity; The police should have regretted it then. Three Dalits were killed in police firing in Thangarh; Half-hearted Dalits were beaten on the road in front of a police session in Una; The police should have regretted it then.

2 Patidars were breaking the glass of a vehicle during the reservation movement by visiting the Police Society of Ahmedabad; Was committing; Women were asked to say abusive words; It is all in the video. The police should have regretted it then.

Our police should not feel sorry in such a case; But the convict does not even sue the police; Contrary to how it is, in the eyes of the Commissioner of Police, the government continued to do so even after his retirement! Rewarded!

3 Children / women belonging to minority communities during the 2002 riots at Gulmarg Society, Naroda Patia, Naroda Village, Ahmedabad; Were burnt together; And the then Police Commissioner was made the Chief of Police of the state by the government! The Election Commission removed him from the post of DGP; But after the election, the government made him the chief of police of the state for the second time! What a great prize!

Such is the difference between the American police and the Indian police;

4 Justice and injustice also look at caste, religion, caste, sub-caste. Emphasizes imaginary values ​​rather than human values; The man considers the police impure and the cow sacred. The tribal lands of 6 villages in Kevadia are being forcibly acquired to build hotels, buildings; The government is using the police during the lockout and imprisoning the tribals and capturing their land. The tribals are crying. Irrelevant systems always ignite disturbance. The citizens of Gujarat are suffering due to the police mentality!

Retired IPS officer Ramesh Savani also believes so.

Police violations of human rights

Civilian uniform wall they go to the people. They are then led to believe that the person to whom the task is assigned by the law will apply the law. But when the same seems lawless, there is gross violation of human rights. There is a need to make the police force more emotional and humane.

Do not speak, do not agitate

In Gujarat, people are not allowed to speak publicly by the police. The police brutally charged the lathi. There are complaints of custodial torture, illegal detention, riots, and illegal encounters causing trouble to people.

Case for non-filing of complaint

Crimea L. As per Procedure Code 154, when a cognizable offense is declared in a police station, the officer in-charge of the post office should file a complaint. There is no option to not file a complaint due to boundary discrepancies.

In Gujarat, we want to bring good governance in the right place, the police should start the Fariad system immediately. Any citizen on his line pleading for such good governance subjects. Why is the police not taking complaint?

Investigation, summons

Police cannot harass, torture, shoot, kill,

As per section 160, a person cannot summon a police station for questioning without summoning, a man cannot arrest a woman, and an arrest can be made only on the same day, he should not conduct third degree torture at the police station. Can.

Violence in custody:

Violence and atrocities are committed by police in police custody. The victim rarely complained to the police. Police should investigate crime as per law.

Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat had the highest number of deaths in police custody during the 2001–2013 Modi regime, while only six such cases were reported in Bihar. A tells how much hare Gujarat police is.

Death in police custody

In 2014, 21 accused and 19 accused in 2015 died in police custody. Maharashtra and Gujarat were second with 16 and 9 deaths, followed by Uttar Pradesh. Across the country, 60 people lost their lives in custody.

Kashyap Rawal died in police custody at B-Division Police Station in Surendranagar.

On July 7, 2020, Fatehganj police of Vadodara beat a suspect to police custody.

Dalit Atrocities and Police

In 2017, 1,515 atrocities against Dalits took place in Gujarat. In Ahmedabad district, a total of 121 incidents of atrocities on Dalits were recorded in the police book, including 5 murders and 17 rapes. Still there were questions against the police.

In 2012, three Dalit youths were killed in police firing at Thangarh in Surendranagar district.

An inquiry commission was formed in October 2017 for more than 250 police atrocities on the Patidars, nothing has happened in 3 years. Amit Shah is being targeted then and today. The largest incidence of police atrocities in Gujarat was in 2017, after 1985 and 2002.

Police illegally beaten two Sindhi traders in Junagadh.

Pal Kambliar, president of the Gujarat Kisan Congress, was beaten and tortured by the police at the behest of the government.

Inhuman atrocities were carried out along with a young man on 30 November 2019 at Dindoli police station in Surat.

An accused was killed on Monday in the local crime branch in Bopal area of ​​Ahmedabad.

Failed police

In five years, failure in police protection has resulted in 7973 kidnappings, 26907 missing, 5970 molestation and 4365 rapes of girls in Gujarat. In spite of having 48 women police stations and toll-free Abhayam helpline number 181 for women safety in Gujarat, incidents of atrocities against women are increasing.

Located in jails

Prisons are notorious for prisoners under consideration under human rights protection, overcrowding in prisons, their health, violence, atrocities, etc.

The Human Rights Commission to take legal action against any police officer or employee who acted negligently during the investigation.

Phone no of Police Bhawan, Gandhinagar. : 08-2, fax no. Complaints are taken to: 08-9, Email: spligp-ws@gujarat.gov.in. There is also a police commission, where the complaint is taken. (Translated from Gujarati)