Rs 1,100 crore loss to school vehicles in Gujarat, the government earned Rs 33 crore, but no relief

Ahmedabad, 27 October 2020

Rs.1120 crore school vehicle owners have lost an average of Rs 800 per month in 8 months. They were taking 17 to 22 lakh children to school-college, which is closed due to corona. They have to pay tax and insurance of Rs 33.33 crore. 1.25 lakh school vehicle buseness people have become unemployed. If the cost of school-college vehicles other than vans and rickshaws are taken into consideration, then a loss of Rs 5,000 crore.

While rickshaws and van drivers are associated with 25000 school-college uniforms in Ahmedabad, the association has sought help from the government or school administrators in this critical situation. There are 7500 school-college vehicles in Vadodara. There are 24000 vehicles in Surat. The rest are in small towns and rural areas. The High Court has banned 14 students from sitting in school vans and more than 6 in rickshaws.

Schools in Gujarat have been closed since March. Despite the insurance of 3200 thousand with 14 children, 7 thousand vehicle tax, vehicle loan, prohibition on remuneration, government tax on petrol and diesel, 1,25,000 families working for school transport have become helpless, Congress leader Dr. Himanshu Patel said.

Give ambulance status

Dr. Himanshu Patel said, for the time being, for the safety and peace of the students, the government is required to give ambulance status to the vehicle working for school transport.

Congress demand

Since February, Gujarat has had 1,25,000 families, who live as school children and drivers, due to the Covid-19 epidemic. His employment has been closed since March due to the closure of the school. Demanding that their families be subsumed under such circumstances, Gujarat Pradesh Congress General Secretary, Dr. Himanshu Patel said.

crores of income to the government

Insurance, petrol, diesel, vehicle tax, vehicle loans generate huge revenue for the government, it is demanded that interest on. In times of such crisis, the government should help the families with school transport. Employment of school transport families has been closed since March. Due to this, the owner and driver of the school vehicle has not received any financial support from the government till date. There is a demand for immediate assistance to school vehicle owners and drivers. Dr. Himanshu Patel said.

Give an Economic Package – Dr. Himanshu

A separate economic package is provided for those involved in school education. Give loans in the form of loans with less interest and fewer documents. There is a demand for interest waiver for the owners of vehicles, on which the debt burden continues. Reimbursement of insurance premium payable on school vehicles. The government should provide immediate financial support to unemployed families. Dr. Himanshu Patel said.

Commits suicide or goes to Gandhi ashram

Dr. Himanshu Patel said that if no financial help is provided by the government, it is likely that it will turn into anti-social activities or take suicidal steps.

If the above demand is not accepted, then there will be a sit-in at the Gandhi Ashram soon to fight against the government. Also Dr. Himanshu Patel said 2021.

Put a demand before the government

He has requested the government to provide Rs 5,000 per month to rickshaw drivers and van drivers associated with the school. The association says that the state government or school administrators contribute Rs 5,000 per month. “We will also deposit 5,000 rupees every month when the school starts,” he told the association.

The school has been closed since March due to Corona, worsening the condition of all those associated with the school. After purchasing new rickshaws, some rickshaw drivers involved in the development of the school could not pay the installments and now the rickshaws are finally for sale.

The government holds it

Following the strike by school vans and rickshaw drivers, the government today held a meeting with the office bearers of the Ahmedabad School Wardhi Association. Now the BJP government had to accept the demand to fill 14 children in school vans instead of 12, hence the revenge is being taken.

In a circular issued in June, the speed of the skull van has been increased. Earlier the speed limit was 20 kmph, this has been increased to 40 kmph. The government had to do the same. The government is now closely monitoring the strike. Some rickshaw drivers are believing that.

The School Wardhi Association

The School Wardhi Association of Ahmedabad said on June 21, 2019, that there are 12,000 vehicles in Ahmedabad, including 6,500 rickshaws and 5,500 school van. In which 4 lakh children travel. 1 km rickshaw fare Rs. 600 and the fare of a van is Rs.900 is.

Sources said, the school transport has earned around Rs 400 crore. If the school’s own bus revenue is taken into consideration, it could be Rs 500 crore. If the college students are counted in it, then transportation costs Rs. 50 crores. In the other 7 metros, around Rs 2,000 crore and all over Gujarat, Rs 5,000 crore is spent on school development. Translated from Gujarati.