The corona train has no use for a year in the constituency of Rupani and Modi

Rajkot, 9 April 2021
In Gujarat, the number of coro patients is increasing and beds are missing in both government and private hospitals. A 320-bed railway coach was placed in front of the Civil Hospital in Rajkot city. Which has been falling for over a year due to lack of coordination between Modi and Rupani. A pattern of mismanagement by the two governments has been observed in Modi and Rupani constituencies in Rajkot.

In Rajkot railway division, railway coaches prepared at a cost of crores of rupees do not come in the service of patients. Unused. To eat dust

Railway coaches have been shifted to isolation wards as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. 1 lakh rupees have been spent for this.

A coach consists of nine cabins. One can have eight patients and one medical staff. A total of 16 patients can be treated in one coach. If treatment is given in 20 coaches, a total of 320 patients will be treated.

A total of 100 coaches are ready in the Rajkot and Bhavnagar divisions. Not a single corona patient is treated here. The railway hospital is not used.

These coaches prepared with ventilators may not work for the patient.

Rajkot Civil Hospital has a capacity of 590 patients.