NOC of service handed over to private engineers, fire brigade in private hands in Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 13 December 2020

Innocence has been killed in fire incidents due to laxity in buildings, complexes or lack of fire safety facilities. Fire NOC is compulsory in house-complex etc. Fire officials do not periodically inspect the location of such houses by issuing NOCs. It is now being privatized after tampering with the lives of citizens. Modi has given the first 39 official business to Khangi Agency.
Since the government does not have enough money and staff, the BJP government has started handing over the fire brigade to private hands.
The appointment of Private Fire Protection Officer will be done as per the provision of Section-12 of Gujarat Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act-2013.
The Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management will develop a comprehensive system on this course-training and fire safety certificate.
Tideja of GIDM and his team have submitted a report on fire safety certification approval, renewal and trained human resources to the state government to provide end-to-end solutions in a transparent, easy and efficient manner.
We will introduce this new system in the state from 26 January 2020, by conducting a series of meetings of officers, fire officers and GIDM to study the process and methods of countries like Delhi, Goa, Kerala, Singapore, UK.
Regarding fire protection in the state of Gujarat, fire safety NOCs have been issued for each high-rise building, commercial complex, school, college, hospital and industrial unit. Fire Safety Cop will develop a portal to get online.

The state government will allow private practice as a fire safety officer after undergoing the necessary training specified by engineers as a private fire safety officer. A panel of private fire safety officers practicing independently will be formed in the Town-Metropolis.
The existing overloaded workloads of fire protection, NOC, renewal, etc. in the local systems of towns and cities will be reduced. It will be easy to take and renew NOC.
Fire NOC and renewal every six months will be rapid and without delay. There will be an option to hire the services of a selected fire safety officer.
A professional expert cadre of fire safety officers will also be formed.
After ODPS in Gujarat, we have now taken another step in the country.
The new fire safety will contain information on NOC, renewal, online payment and fire safety officer. The objective is to formulate a uniform formula in the state. Simplified that you can apply yourself.
The fire safety certificate for the new building will be valid for 3 years. The renewal certificate will be valid for two years.
The fire safety officer has to inspect the fire and safety measures in such building every 6 months and upload the aptitude certificate into the system after field visits.
Fire safety experts, in consultation with Town Planners engineers, have developed a comprehensive checklist for fire safety officers for a wide variety of buildings and are in the process of making 220 standard checklists.
The decision to practice as a fire safety officer was made two months ago.
Fire protection begins in the design phase of any building. The developer must obtain the fire safety plan approval at the time of construction permission. The fire safety certificate will be renewed only after the construction is completed and then the fire protection system has checked everything.
The workload of firefighters of local autonomous bodies has been reduced and the concept of training of private fire safety officers has been adopted.
The Gujarat State Institute for Fire Safety Training will be empowered as Fire Safety Officer. They also have to undergo refresher training every 3 years.
It has also classified training of fire safety officers according to building category. They will be trained in three categories – General, Advanced and Specialist.
No experience will be required for those who want to be trained in the general category. Engineers who wish to undergo advanced training as Fire Safety Officers are required to have 5 years of experience and those who have specialized training must have 5 to 10 years of experience.
Fire safety officers will be assigned responsibilities based on their grade, experience and qualifications.
The FSO will conduct a random inspection of the renewed NOC by the fire officer to ensure that all safety parameters are taken care of before issuing the certificate.
The Government will take punitive action against the fire safety officer, honorary builder and occupier if any omissions are found. Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said this today.