Opportunist monk coming to save the failed Chief Minister, silence in the anguish of the people

Ahmedabad, 21 May 2020
The Gujarat government has prepared a plan for the public to play the role of Corona Warriors in the fight against Coronavirus infection. In addition to government monks and government storytellers, writers have come to the fore to maintain good relations with the government. Who are already working to empower and sustain the BJP. These are the government people, who have come to change the minds of the people.

Now when the Rupani government is not successful in the eyes of the people, the opportunist monk has come to the rescue of the BJP government.

Corona Warriors campaign with a video of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani launching on Thursday 21st May 2020 at 11 am.

At the outset, the veteran storyteller Morari Das Haryanvi, storyteller Ramesh Ojha, BJP-minded writer Gunwant Shah and Jay Vasavada who helped Rupani and Modi in the election. In addition, representatives of the society, religious leaders, social leaders, powerbroker leaders of the business world, women, and youth leaders are to join from 33 places in Gujarat.

These opportunist monks will speak through Facebook and TV throughout the campaign, but will never say how the people are suffering and what mistakes the BJP’s Rupani government has made.

These people, while helping a single political party, never speak out against the government in the public interest.

Concessions have been granted in the fourth phase lockdown. He has not played the role of a true religious leader by uttering a word about what has happened to the poor people before. But in order to give power to the BJP, statements have been made in favor of its leaders at the time of elections.

“Until now, if we were inside the house, we were safe, but now when we have to get out, we have to fight with Corona directly,” CM Rupani said, to stay, with Corona, you have to learn to live against Corona.

‘Me Too Corona Warrior’ week will run from Thursday 21st May to 27th May 2020. There is nothing new in that. It’s a repetition of what people are doing today. It will be an ongoing campaign. Will take selfies with the elders. Will post on social media platforms.

It does not matter to the workers, the poor, the traders or the people running the industry in times of calamity, there is no planning in the campaign for what the government wants to do for the people. Therefore, this campaign will be for BJP workers only. 20 lakh factory workers have migrated out of Gujarat. That is why factories are closed in Gujarat.