Sambhaji BIDI from Maharashtra is made from Tendu leaves of Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 29 January 2021

The forest department of Gujarat collects tendu leaves at 110 places. 30 traders-contractors buy BIDI-tendu leaves. In summer, they get employment in the forest by plucking the leaves of Timru-Tendu. 1.50 lakh sacks of Timru leaves are collected every year in the entire state. The forest area gives work to the poor in summer. Wages of Rs 15 crore were paid. In 2019, traders paid Rs 40 crore in royalties to the government. The government earns more than the poor.

BIDI leaves of Gujarat are woven from the forest and given to the forest department by tribal women. Through the Forest Department, traders distribute it to 22 factories like Shivaji Bidi Factory.

Forest Division

According to a Forest Department official, the Forest Development Corporation collects such leaves from Gujarat and sells them to traders who are sent to Sambhaji BIDI factory and Madhya Pradesh. The corporation had auctioned the leaves of Timru in Godhra of Panchmahal on January 22, 2021. The traders were annoyed as tenders were given to BJP traders after the auction was completed early. Merchants protested. There are more tribal women in collecting BIDI leave.

Sambhaji changed the name

NCP objected to the naming of Sambhaji BIDI brand. Which was opposed in Maharashtra because it was associated with Shivaji. BIDI is also sold in Gujarat under the name of Sambhaji since 1958. Sable Wagshire & Co. has been providing BIDIs since 1932. The BIDI sold in the name of Sambhaji will now be called sable Bidi. Sambhaji BIDI employs 60 to 70 thousand people. Nationalist Congress Party leader Rohit Pawar has welcomed the company’s move. However, these leaders have no objection to selling Bidi, liquor or commercial goods in the name of God.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Shiv Sena, or the people of India have no objection to the sale of branded items in the name of God, but objection was raised to the sale of Bidi in the name of Shivaji.

In the forest of Timru leaves

In the belt of the eastern part of Gujarat, in the forests of the mountain range of Vindhyanchal, in the forests of Gir, Ratanmahal, Dang, Panchmahal, in the forests of Narmada, there are leaves of Timru. Whose leaves are used to make Bidi. Dried leaves are folded and drunk with tobacco.


In Chhotaudepur, tribal people deposit Rs 1 crore in a year. 18.85 lakh hectares are forests of Gujarat. Of which 40 per cent are Jungle, Navsari, Bharuch, Dang, Valsadsurat, Narmada, Tapi, Chhota Udepur, Panchmahal and Dahod districts. Where forest products like Timru are found.

Timru leaves are yellow, yellow-red in color. Dense trees are 5 to 15 meters high. It is cultivated abroad. There are forest products in Gujarat. China is the world’s largest producer at 43 percent. Japan and America produce leaves.

Benefits of leopard

There are many benefits to using leaves. Timru leaves cleanse the stool, provide strength to fight heart, eye, blood pressure, blood, immunity, cancer, and sweet urine. Timru is an entire industry. The trees are big. The fruits are red, yellow, orange like gooseberry. People eat fruits. Occurs in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra. The leaves are obtained in April, May. Which employs millions of people.


In 2020, Rs 110 is available for 100 bundles in Narmada district. One person makes 200 to 250 pairs. Who get Rs. 200 daily.

12 thousand tribals from 140 villages of Mahisagar district are engaged in this work. He collected 3.25 crore leaves last year. The Forest Department issues the license. The Forest Department offers an additional bonus. In which there is widespread corruption from commission.

An alternative to plastic

It was decided to use Timru leaf pad instead of plastic in trains or stations passing through Gujarat. 10 to 12 thousand plastic packets are thrown every day at Ahmedabad railway station alone. Across Gujarat, it could be around 10 times around 1 lakh packets. Which is thrown to all.


Fake BIDIs of Chhatrapati Sambhaji brand are widely made in Gujarat. Many times its quantity has been confiscated. Apart from this, 20 varieties of BIDI like 30 splash BIDI, Charbhai, Hathichhap, Sambhaji, Naresh BIDI, Lounge BIDI, Peacock Special BIDI, Telephone BIDI are sold in Gujarat. Many people also make fake BIDIs of all these brands. The leaves of fake Bidi belong to Timru of Gujarat.

Damage from BIDI

300 million people who drink Bidi like Shivaji, Sambhaji, Sable Bidi are seriously affected behind health, the health loss due to Bidi in the country is Rs 80,000 crore. Which is 2 percent of the total health damage of the country. According to the Tobacco Journal, 72 million people drink Bidi by the age of 15. 1 in 5 families in India is spending it. This is a calculation of the damage done to the body by smoking. 150 million people in the country are poor. Tobacco is equally responsible for illness and death. Worldwide, 40 percent of cancer patients use tobacco.

Tobacco gives a mild intoxication or kick due to a poison called nicotine. Of the 4,000 types of chemicals, 200 are toxic. BIDI is just as harmful as cigarettes.


Impotence from drinking BIDI, cancer , Can cause heart disease, lung, blindness, paralysis, TB. Diseases like weakness of the body start happening. The World Health Organization estimates that 100 million people worldwide will die each year by 2030.


BIDI has been drunk in India for 300 years. The country is not without smoke. In India, the consumption of BIDI is increasing. 200 kings of Gujarat used to smoke in hookah. His people were devastated. Later, people have started getting addicted to VD. Hookah bar has been running in Gujarat for 15 years. Tobacco BIDI was introduced on Timru Pan in Madhya Pradesh.