Rupani and Jadeja’s reputation in dust, liquor bottles found behind the assembly

March 16, 2021

There is talk of strict enforcement of liquor ban by the government in Gujarat, but many questions are being raised as to whether the liquor ban law is being strictly followed. Bottles of foreign liquor have been found behind the Gujarat Legislative Assembly, where it has been decided to ban liquor in the state. So in this regard, it can be said that where Gandhi is administered in Gujarat itself, that is, the assembly from which the rules are made, the prohibition rules do not apply around the assembly, then where does it happen in Gujarat? . Liquor worth lakhs of rupees has been seized from Gujarat. So in some places distilleries are also caught. Rupani and Jadeja’s reputation in dust, liquor bottles were found behind the assembly.

A cleanliness survey was carried out with members of the group along with former Range IG Hasmukh Patel in the area behind the assembly in Gandhinagar that the Gandhinagar has to be polished. During the survey, empty bottles of foreign liquor were found in large quantities during the cleaning of the back seats of the assembly. Photos containing quantities of these liquor bottles went viral on social media. This case presents a picture of tightening of liquor in the state. The performance of the police and the government is also being questioned as different brands of liquor were found in the bushes in the area behind the assembly.

Significantly, the Gandhinagar Shine Group is carrying out a cleanliness drive in the six-road area behind the Gandhinagar Secretariat and cleaning the bushes behind the assembly. Later a bottle of the operating liquor was found in the assembly.

It is noteworthy that during the assembly session, it was said on behalf of the government that in the state, foreign liquor worth Rs 198.30 crore has been seized in two years. 3.65 crore worth of country liquor and 13.18 crore worth of beer tin have been seized. In addition, 68.60 crore rupees of cannabis and drugs have been seized. Figures released by the state government show that more liquor was seized in 2020 than in 2019.