Volcanoes of internal factionalism in Kheda BJP, Congress gains in municipalities and panchayats


Gandhinagar, 26 January 2021

As many as 122 office bearers, workwes of Kheda BJP and Kathlal taluka of Gujarat, resigned a month ago in December 2020, and to protest against the appointment. In Kheda, the highest number of protests, resigned in Gujarat took place in the BJP. It belonged to a group of protesting MPs. There was a revolt against state party president Chandrakant Patil.

Two factions in BJP

BJP’s Kheda leader is not happy with the new Kheda district BJP president Arjun Chauhan. Therefore, the lobby of Devu Chauhan is still active from within to overthrow the BJP. New youth have been selected by expelling the office bearers of Devu Chauhan’s group. He does not like them.

Daewoo Chauhan’s knot

The fight between the two groups is also being blamed for the two municipalities going to the BJP’s Congress. Devu Chauhan group is angry with Arjun Chauhan. There is still pressure from within to resign on 25 December 2021. Resigning MPs have a lobby. BJP is working saying that the MPs are opposing the new team from inside.

Bargain with congress

Mahudha Vidhan Sabha is with Congress. From the inside, there is an understanding with the Congress. The legislature has twice the vote in parliamentary elections. Which shows estimates faster. Why is there a change in votes from 30 to 40 thousand? There is a lot of discussion among workers about that. There is also a large trade of country liquor, wine and meat in Kheda-Nadiad. Supplies are provided from here in Ahmedabad. Some BJP leaders are behind this.

In resignation of

BJP workers from Kheda city and BJP workers from Kathlal taluka resigned from their posts. More than 122 workers including 22 office bearers, former general secretary, Taluka vice-president, president of Shakti Kendras, district convenor, members of Yuva Morcha resigned together. In which communication was led by big leaders of BJP.

Congress benefits

The election of 5 municipalities and 8 taluka panchayats in Kheda district is on 2021 February. There are 251 polling stations in the municipality and 1115 in the taluka panchayat. Then this struggle can be heavy on the BJP, a big factionalism is going on inside the BJP. Which will benefit Congress state president Amit Chavda and Bharat Solanki of the Congress who have lost time and again.

Rebellion against patil

Kheda district is seen in protest against Patil’s decision to appoint the new president and secretary of Kathlal taluka on December 25, 2020, instead of BJP state president Chandrakant Patil. Inner source believe.

Conflict in Kheda

On December 23, 2020, more than 70 BJP workers resigned in Kheda city. Then there was a big incident. It was a rebellion against BJP chief CR Patil. On 25 January 2021, some members are angry. Unreasonable dissatisfaction has reached a climax in Kheda district BJP.


Kathalal taluka, 50 BJP workers, former general secretary, taluka vice president, president of Shakti Kendra, district convenor, Yuva Morcha members rebelled against Patil and resigned from N Masse. In particular, there is strong opposition in front of the new taluka president and general secretary.

Appointment without asking anyone

Lakhan Dabhi of the Kathlal Taluka organization announced that the president and general secretary of the Taluka organization has been appointed without taking us into confidence. Those who have nothing to do with the BJP have been given the position. There will be a big setback in the upcoming elections. Resigning members expressed displeasure over the formation of the new organization, saying that the appointment of the president of Kathlal taluka by Chief Arjun Chauhan did not make sense to any local workers. Elections have been declared including the municipality, taluka panchayat. The game was then played at the behest of BJP leaders.

The entire district against Devu Chauhan

In Kheda district, was demanded to have a new worker rather than repeat MP Devu Singh Chauhan  as BJP president. A meeting of field level supervisors was held in Vadodara. Kheda MP Devu Chauhan was the BJP president of Kheda district. They cannot devote time to the district as well as the BJP organization. Was in two terms. People fiercely protested.

Arbitrariness of district president

Some BJP workers say that they should not appoint any non BJP member. District BJP President Arjun Chauhan did. The new leaders have worked in support of independents in election. He was deputed. They are not even BJP workers, they have also been appointed. Kheda district president Arjun Chauhan had announced that the resentment of BJP workers would be ended.

Worked to defeat BJP and got the post

Alpesh Zala, who was appointed General Secretary of the organization, who worked in support of an independent candidate in the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. The second number is Kiran Dabhi, who has been made president, is not an active BJP worker. It’s annoying that such individuals are ranked in the organization. Hence resignations were given. Kathlal, Kiran Dabhi told the workers that he has been active as a BJP worker since 2007. The allegations made by disgruntled party workers are completely false and baseless.

Bimal Shah’s supporters

General Secretary Alpesh Zala himself has a personal relationship with Congress leader Bimal Shah. District Panchayat member Champaben Dabhi also resigned as a member of two committees of the panchayat due to personal complaints. The man who made him the General Secretary was working for an independent candidate during the last Assembly-Lok Sabha elections. Still such people are being given a place in the party. While those who bleed for the party still feel that the party is doing injustice.

Angry who?

Worker including former General Secretary Lakhan Dabhi, Taluka Vice President Khuman Dabhi, former Vice President Vijay Dabhi, Shakti Kendra President Rajendra Jala, Bharat Singh Dabhi, District Convenor Ajay Dabhi, Organization sectary Udaybhai Dabhi, Shaktinder President Rajendra Dabhi, Page President Chauhan Sanjay Kumar resign gave. .

Unilateral decision

Difficulties may arise in the Kheda district for the BJP, as unilateral decisions have been taken by some BJP leaders for a long time.

Who was appointed?

Kheda district BJP president Arjun Chauhan was appointed. The new team of Kheda district BJP was announced after consultation and guidance with state president CR Patil. In which Chairman Arjun Chauhan (Mahmadabad) Vice Chairman: Gopal Thakor Shah (Kapadvanj) Vice President: Chandresh Kanu Patel (Only) Vice President: Minesh Poonam Patel (Galteshwar) Vice President: Vikas Balakrishna Patel (Mahmadabad) Vice Chairman: Rajan Dilip Desai (Nadiad) Vice President: Mittal Vyas (Nadiad) Vice President: Parvatiben Bharat Makwana (Only) Vice President: Manisheben Shailendra Singh Parmar (Nadiad) General Secretary, Natu Chhota Sodha (Mahudha) General secretory: Vipul Kanti Patel (Nadiad) Development Jitendra Kumar Shah (Nadiad) secretory VV (Kapadvanj) secretory: Shobhanben Paresh Patel (Nadiad) secretory: Nilesh Mani Patel (Kapadvanj) Minister: Ajay Brahmbhatt (Nadiad) Minister: Varshaben Ajaykumar Vyas (Kaithal) Minister: Geetaben Rajetan Rajbhar) secretory: Praveen Sharma (Mahudha) secretory : Sonalben Rajesh Patel (Kathalal) Treasurer: Surendra D Patel (Kanjari)

Nadiad dominance

In the new team, all the talukas have been given the responsibility, except for the thasra taluka. In which Nadiad-8, Kapadvanj-3, Matar-2, Gadhved-2, Galateshwar-1, Kathal-2, Mahudha-2, Chaklasi-1 workers have been appointed in posts in the district organization. Nadiad taluka has the highest number of people employed.

Who was in the competition?

Discussions were made before the appointment of the district president, former president Suresh Bhatt, Kapadvanj and Dashrath Patel, lawyers by profession who held the office of caretaker president during the Lok Sabha elections, the undisputed candidate in Thasra taluka, Vinod Patel, chairman of Nadiad APMC The names of Vipul Bhai Patel, former MLA Kanu Dabhi, Gopal Shah from Kapadvanj and other candidates were also discussed.