The largest castor producer farmers in the world was looted by the industrialists of Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 4 June 2021
Last week, the Government of India released a report stating that the farmers of Gujarat are leading the country in the production of castor and getting the highest yield per hectare for 5 consecutive years. States have declared an average of 5 years from 2015-16 to 2019-20 instead of castor cultivation. Gujarat is the largest producer of castor in the world.
Castor production in the country in 2018-19 was 12.15 lakh tonnes. Out of which 12.15 lakh tonnes was from Gujarat. 77 percent of the country’s goods are from Gujarat
At the end of monsoon, traders bought 20 kg castor from farmers for Rs 600. Now its price has gone up to 1100. In northern Gujarat and Saurashtra, 80 percent of the farmers sell the castor crop as soon as it is ready. Farmers are sold from the farm. These goods go to the warehouses of traders or exporters. which sells for a higher price.
Castor is grown in 67 out of 249 taluks. Those who go to the APMC to sell there or the traders take the goods from the farmers’ fields.

In the last monsoon, 15 lakh tonnes of castor was produced in 6.52 lakh hectares. The production was taken by the farmers at 2293.55 kg per hectare.
10% profit to farmers, 100% profit to traders
From production and price data it can be said that 150 crore kg was produced. When the crop was ready, the price was Rs 30 per kg. Goods worth Rs 4,500 crore were ready. In which 50 percent of the farmers sold their produce from the farm. According to which goods worth Rs 2250 crore were sold for Rs 30. Other farmers would have sold the goods in a few days. Whose traders have now got double the price. The farmer works hard throughout the year and earns a profit of just Rs 10 per kg. But traders invest money in warehouses and get 100% profit on the goods.
Gujarat is at the forefront of good castor seeds. Gujarat has the largest number of hybrid varieties.
Huge growth in 10 years
In 2010-11, 4.90 lakh hectares were planted with a productivity of 2010 kg per hectare. Today 14.70 lakh tonnes of castor has been produced in 6.38 lakh hectare with 2303 kg per hectare. Thus the productivity per hectare has increased by 300 kg in 10 years.
use of oil
Castor oil and flour are made. It is used in over 250 kinds of industries, including the oil paint industry, detergent, ink, pharmaceutical, plastic, polish, lubricant. This is the demand in the world as well. Gujarat is the largest producer of castor in the world. Gujarat is named after agricultural scientists and farmers. Traders now rob the farmers and send goods abroad.