These 6 new symptoms of Corona virus told by CDS

The corona virus is wreaking havoc, with about 190 countries worldwide struggling with this deadly virus. So far, more than 2.81 million people have been infected with this virus, while in India also this number has crossed 28 thousand. However, what is of greater concern in the meantime is the asymptomatic carriers of the corona virus, ie those with little or no symptoms. Symptoms such as fever, phlegm, fatigue, shortness of breath usually occur when a corona virus infection occurs. But now the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has added 6 new symptoms to them. Let’s know-

CDC has revealed these new symptoms: Center for Disease Control and Prevention i.e. CDC has reduced the strength of recognition in taste or smell, chills, muscle aches, cold body tremors, sore throat and headache problems like corona virus. Is included in the symptoms. In addition, pink eye or conjunctivitis is also considered a symptom of this deadly virus. It is believed that this virus can spread its infection not only by respiratory droplets but also with nasal and eye fluids.

The CDC previously stated that symptoms such as fever, phlegm, shortness of breath occur in a corona virus infection. Apart from this, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, confusion or disability, face or lip blue, etc. problems have also been seen in many people. According to WHO and CDC, as the corona virus patients are increasing. Likewise, its symptoms are also increasing.

Many scientists have found in research that patients who are infected with corona, their skin color changes, as well as red rashes in their body. He says that the corona, like other viruses, shows different symptoms on different patients. In many cases, only a small acne or red rash may also be a symptom of the virus. If data from Italy are to be considered, one in every five corona patients admitted to the hospital has seen changes in skin color and symptoms such as rash.