E-sports market will grow due to Corona; 8380 crores, 16% more than last year

In recent months all stadiums and arenas around the world have been lying vacant due to the coronovirus epidemic. Many sports tournaments have been canceled or postponed. Due to stoppage of sports like football, cricket, tennis and golf, people are taking interest in E-sports in lockdown. They can also play in it and watch as an audience. According to a report by Newzoo, a company that conducts research on e-sports analytics and markets, online sports revenue will increase by 16% this year.

According to Newzoo, the business of E-sports will be around 8380 crore rupees ($ 1.1 billion) this year. This business has grown the most during the Kovid 19 epidemic. Twitch is the world’s largest streaming platform for gamers. Twitch has estimated that viewership will grow by more than 31% this year. Steam serves to spread video games to digital platforms. According to him, on April 3 and 4, 25 million online viewers came. This is an alltime record.

Sahiba Puri, an analyst with research firm Euromonitor International, told The Straits Times (a Singaporean newspaper), “The e-sports industry is expanding in a big way in the Corona period. Crores of people are spending their time watching or playing this game. It has grown very fast during the last few months. “Singapore is one of the world’s largest markets for e-sports. It is most famous there.

On March 11, a new game trial was launched by Riot Games Soft, which organized the game developer, publisher and E-sports. Its name is Legends of Runeterra. It was officially launched on Friday, 26 April. Singapore saw a 500% increase in the number of trials. In view of the increasing proliferation of online games, ‘The Overwatch League’ has been canceled. Organizers said the full season of 2020 will now be online. Last year, over 11 lakh people were online per minute in this league.