Unemployment increased in Gujarat but survey spread confusion, rising inflation

Every second person is unemployed in Delhi, only 2.3% in Gujarat. Unemployment increased to 45 percent in the capital Delhi, 29.1 percent in Haryana and 28 percent in Tamil Nadu. This report has been released by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy.

But the details of Gujarat are questionable.

Employment figures for 2017-18 released by NSSO (National Sample Survey of India) show that the unemployment rate has increased in Gujarat. In such a situation, if businesses are closed in Corona, then how can unemployment be reduced.

Unemployment in Gujarat was 0.5 percent in 2011-12, which increased to 4.8 percent in 2017-18.
According to the 2017-18 data, the unemployment rate in urban areas is 5.2 percent and in rural areas is 4.3 percent. Unemployment has also increased among the youth of Gujarat.

The youth unemployment rate in rural areas has increased from 0.8 percent in 2011-12 to 14.9 percent in 2017-18. Whereas youth unemployment in urban areas was 2.1 percent in 2011-12, which increased to 10.7 percent in 2017-18.

The unemployment rate in Gujarat is 30.3% for those who have studied up to diploma or certificate courses.
9.1 percent of undergraduates and 12.8 percent of postgraduates are unemployed.

In the midst of rising inflation, the economic condition of the people is deteriorating and on the other hand the situation is getting worse due to unemployment.

While the unemployment rate has increased due to the slowdown in the economy, the unemployment rate in the national capital Delhi has reached 45 percent. In other words, every second person in Delhi is unemployed. The unemployment rate is 29.1 percent in Haryana and 28 percent in Tamil Nadu.

These figures have been released by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy. The country’s average unemployment rate is 10.8 percent. It was 11.9 per cent in May. The unemployment rate is 12.9 percent in urban areas and 9.8 percent in rural areas. According to the state, the performance of Gujarat in unemployment figures is very good. Gujarat also has the lowest unemployment rate.

The state wise percentage figures are as follows: Delhi 45.6 percent, Haryana 29.1 percent, Tamil Nadu 28 percent, Rajasthan 27.6 percent, Andhra 13.5 percent, Bihar 13.8 percent, Goa 20.6 percent, Jammu and Kashmir 12.1 percent, Jharkhand 16 percent, Kerala 23.4 percent, Pondicherry 24 percent and Tripura 20 percent, Bengal 19.3 percent, Assam 0.1, Gujarat 2.3, Karnataka 5.3, Madhya Pradesh 5.3, Orissa 7, Uttarakhand 5.5, Uttar Pradesh 6.9, Gujarat has only 2.3 percent unemployment.

According to trade association Kate, there is still uncertainty in the market. Markets are open but people are hesitating to buy as there is a cash crunch and the market is not picking up. At the same time, there is also a possibility of a third wave of Corona. Because of this, investment is not being made in the market. Traders fear that money may get stuck if the third wave comes and the lockdown is implemented. Due to which the market is also slowing down. However, now that the lockdown is being relaxed, the unemployment situation may improve in the coming months.