Vadodara boy makes airplanes, drones that carry food packets and medicines

Vadodara : Twenty-year-old Prince Panchal, who lives in Amritnagar Society on Makarpura Road in Vadodara city, has built an airplanes and drones that can be taken with food and another lightweight.

Prince has arranged on a plane that food packets can be shipped to him. Just like staying in the air from a large airplane can be dropped down, just like that.

Small airplanes also have this kind of arrangement. It has put a GPS system and telemetry on a drone. Through which it can reach a fixed distance of one foot at a certain distance.

If people want to send food packets and medicines, they can be placed in a bucket made under the drone.

These drones and airplanes can carry anywhere from 500g to 750g.

Prince has been examining the board of the standard 10 for the last 5 years. Does not pass. The legacy engineering inputs make it this machinery.

Prince’s father Pramod Panchal and grandfather Girdharlal run the engineering unit. Prince has been interested in machinery since he was young. Her father has helped a lot.