Half Surat anti-BJP, Surati root supported but Patil cut him off



Gandhinagar, 24 February 2021

BJP President Chandrakant Patilan has brought 93 seats in his homeland Surat. BJP’s vote share has dropped. In Surat, BJP got only 49.98 percent votes. Half of Surat is anti-BJP and most of Surat is anti-Patil. Good faith is from the old city of Surat. The new Surat has proved to be anti-BJP and Patil.

The Aam Aadmi Party polled 27.28 percent votes with 27 seats in Surat. The Congress did not get a single seat but got 18.6 percent votes. BJP got 49.98 percent votes. Had the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party united, Patil would have faced a crushing defeat in Surat.

The BJP’s vote has reduced drastically. Surat has a great influence on the social life and politics and economy of Saurashtra. Surat has more grip in the whole of Gujarat than Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar. The economic capital of Gujarat is Surat where the BJP wins but Patil loses. However, ballots are to be cast in a ballot box instead of a real exam machine that can be considered.

With an increase of 13 seats in Surat Municipal Corporation, 93 BJP candidates won. Patil claimed to win 120 seats. They could not win.

This will affect the assembly elections. It is strange that the Congress did not get a single seat. Shows a threat to democracy. Now is the time to vote on paper instead of voting by machine.

There was a protest in Surat as BJP’s Patil gave the ticket to non-Gujarati people.

In 2015, there were 30 urban Bawa, originally residents of Surat. Was a corporator This time BJP has won 23 original tunes. The original vote was given to the BJP, but Patil had cut the original Surat logo. People of New Surat have always opposed Patil. Now the real reason for the protest has been revealed.

In 2015, Congress candidates originally won in Surat’s areas of Saurashtra. Where Patil’s Nalshi is found. These areas belong to the Patidars of Saurashtra. Both BJP and Congress have eroded. Thus the Aam Aadmi Party candidates have won from here. Because the Congress has betrayed the Patidars there. The Congress had promised that the Patidars would give 10 tickets to the Anamat Andolan Samiti. But given 2. Opposed the Congress. Thus he was going to the Aam Aadmi Party. The Congress won here in 2015 due to Patidora.

Patidars have defeated AAP candidates against Congress and BJP. (translated from Gujarati)