The deadly rivalry between Patil and Rupani to win Gujarat BJP


Dilip Patel

Gandhinagar, 24 February 2021

Gujarat BJP has launched a contest to celebrate the victory of 6 metros. BJP President Chandrakant Patil and Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani are fighting an internal battle for victory.

BJP’s mass base has increased in elections. Patil claimed victory when the BJP’s victory rally was held. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has the Urban Development Department. So Rupani also claims that this victory is due to good governance of the government.

Thus, Amit Shah is nowhere in the fight between two BJP leaders. Amit Shah was thrown out by Modi in this election. They are not allowed to wander anywhere in Gujarat. Modi has thrown Amit Shah. So there is a deadly rivalry between Rupani of Amit Shah group and Patil of Modi group. The contest is actually between Modi and Amit Shah. Why did Modi and Patil keep Amit Shah out of the election campaign? Amit Shah is no longer in the politics of Gujarat.

There are 576 urban steps in 6 metros. The number of BJP corporators has increased from 394 in 2015 to 483 in 2021. BJP’s vote share increased from 50.28 percent in 2015 to 53.08 percent in 2021.

The BJP holds 22.85 percent of the seats in the seats.

In 2015, Congress had 175 urban bouts. Which has come down to 55 in 2021. Congress’ vote share has fallen from 41.57 per cent to 28.86 per cent. You and others have 38 seats.

The BJP had 142 seats in Ahmedabad in 2015, rising to 159 seats in 2021. I thank Janata Janardan for winning the BJP candidates in 484 out of 576 seats in 6 municipal corporations. I thank people for this. – CR Patil said in Ahmedabad.

Surat city became the first city in India to be 100% Congress-free. Now Bharat Solanki will make Gujarat 100% Congress-free. In Surat, 0 corporators in 2021, MPs in 2019, 0 MLAs in 2017. Which is dangerous for democracy. Most of the intellectuals of Gujarat believe that the Congress should oppose the practice of voting on paper by opposing machine voting at the national level. Because, in 2019, in the Lok Sabha, the Congress has become 0 in Gujarat. In this way, the Congress has become 0. In this way there will be a void in the legislature in 2022. This credit goes to Patil. Because Patil is a man of Modi. (translated from Gujarati)