In Dhansura, Congress Presidential candidate votes for BJP President

March 18, 2021

In the local body elections in the Gujarat state, Congress could not win even half the seats compared to 2015. It also comes in handy. The Congress has lost in Aravali district panchayat and 6 taluka panchayats. BJP has a majority in Dhansura taluka. Out of 18 taluka panchayat seats, BJP has 15 seats.

In the Dhansura taluka panchayat elections, Kiran Parmar has been elected as the president and Amrit Patel as the vice-president.

As a rule, members have to raise their hands to vote.

All the BJP candidates raised their support in support of Kiran Parmar during the voting for the BJP presidential candidate. Congress presidential candidate Hansbay also raised a hand.

The Congress presidential candidate’s vote was counted in support of the BJP’s presidential candidate. The Congress presidential candidate was the one who surprised the people who voted for the BJP candidate.