Owners of Patel Travels of Gujarat decide to collapse business due to the recession

Ahmedabad, 18 March 2021
Gujarat’s famous Patel Travels has decided to strengthen its business due to the Corona epidemic, rising fuel prices and some government regulations. Patel Travels has also sold 50 buses so far. There is a total of 500 settled.

Meghji Patel, owner of Patel Travels, said, “We have to drive the bus in 75% of the guidelines. If we have a 36 seater or 41 seater car, we have to drive a bus with 75% passengers in it.

Gasoline prices have skyrocketed. The burden is increased on the passenger’s head. The situation is going up a lot.

State government officials and state government officials have been talking to us for a long time. Even our words were ignored. This is also fine, we do not have any problem with the government, whatever is on their mind, it is actually a ground reality.

It is the policy of the government that has taken this decision.

Bus rules have been violated anywhere, but fines must be paid at the RTO where the bus is registered. If the bus is going somewhere in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, how can I go there to pay the fine. If the vehicle is fined, I will have to go to the penalty spot to have my vehicle removed from the blacklist.

Repeatedly presented to the state government and the central government. It did not get enough attention. We cannot trade in this situation. We are closing the business. So far 50 buses have been sold. We are going to sell another bus. As more vehicles are sold, so will our business.

The state government had taken an important decision at the time of lockdown, waiving 6 months of tax. The decision was good but the government decided in April.

Even a year after Corona, many are still afraid to leave. Then we are allowed to fill 75% of the cart. But the car is not even 50% full. Have taken a loan from a bank, sold property and settled the debt.