Low oxygen saved the lives of 50 patients in Corona using the Bain circuit

Rajkot, 6 May 2021
Corona has caused an oxygen crisis. The Anesthesia Department of Rajkot Civil Hospital has saved the lives of 50 Corona patients using a ban circuit. The ventilator consumes 50 liters of oxygen per minute. In comparison, 12 to 15 liters of oxygen is required in the Bain circuit. This technique can be used in the patient’s recovery phase.
Nodal Officer of the Anesthesia Department of Rajkot Civil Hospital, Drs. According to Chetna Jadeja, in Kovid-19, the lungs have to face many problems such as not getting enough oxygen and blood, low efficiency, blood clots. In such circumstances, the patient cannot get oxygen from the air. As a result, the patient has to be given oxygen.
Treatment is given on a ventilator or by a machine called high-flow nozzle oxygen therapy. But, when the amount of oxygen is low and the patient’s need is high, maximum treatment can be given for less oxygen using the Bain circuit.
Of course, an experienced and competent anesthetist or intensivist (ICU specialist) is required with the patient when using the Bain circuit. This method is very effective in moving the patient from one place to another. This system is also used in Ahmedabad, Surat and Bhavnagar.
In this regard, the head of the anesthesia department, Drs. Vandanbein Parmar says 30 minutes daily with deep breathing to say yoga, pranayama and omkara. Regular cycling or running can increase the efficiency of the entire respiratory system.

How does the Bain circuit work?
In the Bain circuit, two tubes are connected by a tea pipe. One of the tubes is connected to a flow meter pipe for oxygen, while the other pipe is for the external conduction of carbon dioxide. It contains a balloon-like reservoir bag. Which serves to reserve oxygen and can provide artificial respiration to the patient if needed. It has HME for the smooth exchange of heat and moisture. The mask is then applied using a filter (HME – Heat and Moisture Exchanger). This kit can be reused by sterilizing it into chemicals. The cost of the circuit is Rs. 200 to 500 Rs. In addition, some patients with corona are treated with CPAP – continuous positive airway pressure mask.