Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, owner of 1 crore company, started giving free food to Ahmedabad Civil Doctors

Ahmedabad, 5 May 2021

In Corona, the country’s renowned master chef Sanjeev Kapoor has decided to team up with a donor to provide food at Asia’s largest Ahmedabad civil hospital. His company runs a Rs 1,000-crore food business. 225 crores in revenue. There are 3 thousand employs. There are 650 chefs.

Sanjeev Kapoor has appointed 12 chefs in Ahmedabad city for this. He has arranged meals for civil hospital doctors 3 times.

In this way, she has become the Annapurna for doctors working round the clock at the designated 1200 bed hospital at Corona, Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. The doctors will get healthy and quality food on time.

Superintendent of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, Dr. JV Modi says that two days ago a proposal was made by the country’s renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor to provide food to the doctors of the civil hospital. Which is accepted by the hospital system. We appreciate Kapoor’s sense of service.

Sanjeev Kapoor is an Indian celebrity chef, entrepreneur, writer and television personality. He was born on 10 April 1949 in Ambala, East Punjab. It was Khaana Khazana’s longest TV program of 17 years. His show was viewed by 500 million people in 120 directions.

The author of the best-selling cookery book is a restaurant consultant. He co-owns the TV channel. Has 100 restaurants of its own. He has been ranked 31st as India’s 100 Most Trusted Person in Reader’s Digest in March 2010.

The books have been published in 150 titles (English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati). Those books include a variety of recipes for children and recipes for the occasion of marriage. The portal is a cooking guide that uses more than six thousand recipes.

There are 20 million users with seven million page views. Two million websites are visited every day.

Sanjeev Kapoor’s second brand – Wandshef – empowers Indian women to start their own businesses.

Indian and foreign restaurants have given their franchisees as restaurant consultants.

Many foods are run under the brand name of Sanjeev Kapoor. In which pickles, powdered spices, sauces made by food experts and millions of people from India and abroad are prepared for cooking.

Facebook, a channel on YouTube, which has become very popular.