Gujarat farmers are ahead of China In peanut farming but behind in production

Gandhinagar, 31 July 2020

In peanut planting, Gujarat farmers ahead. China is ahead in Groundnut production. Now, Gujarat, farmers have decided a peanut productivity war. Peanuts are the most commonly grown in China. But most groundnut is grown in India, but yields less than China. 70 percent crop in Gujarat. The farmer is ready to compete with China. Soldiers on the border and farmers on the farm. They will fight in front of China. And the correct formula will be now, Jai Kisan, Jai Jawan.

In 2006-07, 18.68 lakh hectares were planted, 17 percent of the total planted area. Over the years, the groundnut area was irrigated, 2 lakh hectares. Which shows that the area where groundnut could be irrigated was only 11 percent. This means that groundnut growers depended on monsoon rains only, 15 years ago. The total production of groundnut this year was 32.85 lakh MT. The price of 100 kg was then Rs. 1550-1625. The workers were getting an average of Rs 65 per day.

Now it is not so, much change has come. Modern machines are farming. Seeds like this have increased productivity and agricultural scientists of Gujarat have given research to farmers.

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9–10 years ago, in 2015, 12.25 lakh hectares of peanuts were planted. Now the era of peanuts is coming again. 20.18 lakh hectares have been planted in monsoon. If the monsoon coincides with summer, the total area under cultivation will be 25 lakh hectares. Thus farmers are turning to groundnut cultivation. This year 135 per cent more sowing has been done as compared to the previous monsoon. Which would probably break all previous years’ records.

Last year, planted 4 lakh million hectares in Gujarat. Rajasthan had 1.26 million tonnes and Andhra in 1.04 million tonnes. The total cultivable area was 5 million hectares of the country. The groundnut is 1444 kg per hectare produced in the country.

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In 1950, peanuts were grown on 4.49 million hectares in the country. Peanuts have declined steadily since 6.42 million ha in 1957–58, 7.28 million ha in 1962–63 and 8.58 million ha in 1988–89.

In 2017-18, the area was 5 million hectares. This year, farmers produced 91.79 lakh tonnes of peanuts and 20.82 lakh tonnes of peanut oil. Gujarat produced 2400 kg of groundnut per hectare this year. It was the highest in the country. Groundnut is grown on an area of ​​27.9 million hectares in the world. It produces 45 million tonnes.

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Groundnut is grown in the largest area in India. China is second in the world. Then comes Nigeria and Sudan. But China is ahead in producing Mungfali. Indian farmers cannot compete with China. After war, Gujarat farmers decided to win war in Groundnut field.

But now again farmers of Gujarat are drawn towards groundnut. The peanut war against China can be won if it uses technology and modern equipment like China. If the farmers of Gujarat accept peanuts like the war, like Ladakh-China border, then the farmers of India will be able to move ahead of China.

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