Lions rule in Gujarat, tigers only live in zoo..!!!

The Kankaria Zoo has been found to have 2 male and 1 female tiger. At Kankaria Zoo, the male tiger is named Pratap while the female tiger is named Annaya. While the third is the white tiger. All these have been brought from Madhya Pradesh. In the last 30 years, a total of 8 tigers, including Raja, Sangeeta and Seema, have come to Kankaria Zoo. While Pratap, Annaya and the white tiger have made the zoo their home since 2008.

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Because of the corona these tigers roam the open instead of the cave when people are at home. The thing to know is that there are 9 species of tigers in the world. According to RK Sahu, director of Kankaria Zoo, Bali, Java, Caspian, these 3 species of tigers have become extinct. While there are species like Siberian, Indian, South China Tiger, Malayan, Indo Chinese Tiger, Sumatran in the world. The reason for the absence of tigers in the forest area of ​​Gujarat is the climate of Gujarat. Gujarat has more heat which is not conducive to tigers.

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According to RK Sahu, director of Kankaria Zoo, tigers like to be in the water and prefer cool places. He finds food for himself so he is called diligent. The specialty of the tiger is that the tiger never strikes from the front, it strikes from behind for its prey. In the year 2010, July 29 was declared as World Tiger Day. The reason behind this was the declining number of tigers. Gujarat does not have a tiger population due to its unfavorable climate. In India, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Karnataka have the highest number of tigers.

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