VIDEO: In Rajkot a goon claimed to be Rupani’s nephew harassed a young woman

Rajkot, 26 July 2020

On 25 July 2020 at 5:45 AM in Rarkot, Dhoot, A man who calls himself nephew of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani threatens a girl and others in elected area of Gujarat’s CM Vijata Rupani.

Identified as Parth Jaisani collides with an innocent girl who was riding a bicycle. Then listen to the behavior in the video whose words are like this.

“Vijay Rupani is my masa, Manohar Singh Jadeja is my father’s friend, who is Commissioner of Police, so I don’t need anyone. I am enough. I am a surgeon (doctor) and I can do anything. And we are director at Citizen Bank and SBI. Nothing will happen if you file police report against me. My grandfather and my father are lawyers. You will be trapped. The police know me. ”

Use of Ruapani’s name has increased dramatically after Rupani government’s minister of state for health and sons of friends in Rajkot started misusing power of CM’s Name. The whole of Gujarat hopes that Vijay Rupani will clarify the matter in his speech of Beti Bachao campaign, when women are being harassed in the market. There is widespread corruption has increased in Rajkot with misuse of name of Rupani.

Action has been demanded against this man for making such a scene and harassing woman publicly.

It is demanded that the government of Gujarat and its chief Vijay Rupani should open their eyes take legal steps against that man.